Engineering Project

Oral Presentation Resources
 0. Understanding Objectives
  1. Presentations Place and Date
    1. Saturday April 1, 2023, 10 am, TB-340, TB-342 ,TB-360 
  1. Presentations Timing
    1. If the number of students in a group is N, then 4N minutes will be allocated for the group presentation including questions and answers; i.e. 16 minutes for a group of 4 members.
    2. Maximum of 3N minutes is allocated for the actual presentation.
    3. Maximum of N minutes is allocated for Questions and Answers.
    4. About N minutes should be dedicated to the Introduction, and Conclusion.
    5. The remaining  minutes are expected to be equally divided between the students.
    6. Every student must participate is the oral presentation for a minimum of 2 minutes.
  1. Presentations Contents
    1. There is only time for presenting the main points.
    2. Details of the work should be left for the Poster Session.
    3. Groups are expected to including the following parts in their presentations.
      1. Introduction [Group]
        1. Overview and Background
        2. Objectives and Specifications
        3. Motivations and Significance
        4. General Approach
      2. Performance [Individual]
        1. Methods and Techniques
        2. Challenges and Solutions
        3. Results and Discussions
      3. Conclusion [Group]
        1. Contributions and Innovations
        2. Future Work
  1. Presentations Marking Scheme
    1. There will be only one mark assigned to the whole group and its members.
    2. Exceptions are cases were examiners indicate that some group members should receive a separate mark because of one of the following.
      1. Lack of significant contributions. 
      2. Significant extra contributions. 
    3. Students in a group will receive separate marks for their term work, posters, and reports.
    4. Presentations are marked based on the following criteria, 4 marks each, total of 20.
      1. Introduction (overview, motivations, objectives)
      2. Technical Effort (methods, challenges, alternative solutions)
      3. Achievements (results, contributions, innovations)
      4. Knowledge (background, discussions, future work, Q&A)
      5. Quality (organization and flow, talks clarity, slides appearance)
    5. A student absent from the oral presentation without a legitimate excuse will only receive half of the group mark.
  1. Presentations Competition
    1. The top four groups will compete for a first-place prize.
    2. Competitions take place on  ...
    3. An external referee may help judging the best group presentation.
  1. Presentations Submission
    1. Groups are responsible for ensuring their slides are presentable on IMS computers. 
    2. During presentations there won't be time for connecting different laptops and devices
    3. Presentations must be submitted online through students login

 1. Project Selection  Prerequisites
 2. Application  Projects and Assignments
 3. Proposal  Health and Safety
 4. Funding Request  Calendar
 5. Regular Meetings
 Relevant Skills
 6. Progress Report
 Previous Years' Samples
 7. Competition
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 8. Oral presentation
 9. Poster Presentation  Professors Login
 10. Final Report  Contact