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 0. Understanding Objectives

Before you contact the coordinator with a question, please make sure that it is not already ansewred here.
  1. Can SREE students take their projects at the Department of Electronics?
  • Yes, some projects offered at our department qualify for the SREE program. These projects should have a strong energy-related component. SREE students should identify such projects from the list of offered projects and contact the corresponding professor. Professors Gauthier, Wang, and Ye usually offer projects projects suited for the SREE program. 
  1. Which project requirements are delivered individually?
  • All project requirements are delivered by individual students, except for the funding request (which is not really a required item)and the oral presentation.
  1. Who marks a student's project work? 
  • The proposal, progress report, and term work are solely marked by the supervisor. The oral and poster presentations are marked by two or three professors, usually not including the supervisor.
  1. Is a professor obligated to take an interested student?
  • No. A professor may form his project group from many applicants based on his own criteria. 
  1. Is a professor obligated to approve an application within a specific period?
  • No. Some professors may promise a student or a group of students as soon as they find they are approached by the right applicants. Some others may prefer to wait and evaluate all applications at a later time. Nevertheless, all 4th-year students should eventually be offered a placedin a project group.
  1. Do professors prefer applicants with higher GPAs?
  • Not necessarily. Professors usually consider other qualifications, such as the background and motivation of an applicant, beside the GPA before making a decision. 
  1. May Electronics Engineering students take their projects from other departments?
  • Electronics students are only eligible to register in the project courses offered by the Department of Electronics (ELEC-4907) and Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (SYSC-4907). Involvement in projects offered by other engineering programs, provided that it is of electronics nature, has to be approved by the coordinator.   
  1. May Biomedical-Electrical Engineering students take their projects from the Department of Electronics?
  • Yes, but the projects have to be approved by the coordinator of the Biomedical program to make sure of appropriate Biomedical contents. These students should register in SYSC-4917.

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