Engineering Project

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 0. Understanding Objectives
Objectives of the 4th-year Engineering Project course include the development of the following skills in a major engineering design experience.
  1. Applying and extending the acquired knowledge in engineering
  2. Team-work, organization, planning, goal-setting, and time management
  3. Professional communication, oral presentation, and technical report writing
  4. Adhering to health, safety, and environmental constraints
  5. Integrating reliability, economic, and business considerations
  6. Using engineering CAD tools, and data processing and writing softwares

 1. Project Selection  Prerequisites
 2. Application  Projects and Assignments
 3. Proposal  Health and Safety
 4. Funding Request  Calendar
 5. Regular Meetings
 Relevant Skills
 6. Progress Report
 Previous Years' Samples
 7. Competition
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 8. Oral presentation
 9. Poster Presentation  Professors Login
 10. Final Report  Contact