Engineering Project

  Projects 2022-2023
 0. Understanding Objectives

Eligibility for
Professor Main Research Field Project Topic and Link to Description EE Eng Phy SREE
Ram Achar CAD Interconnect Models and CAD yes    
Arash Ahmadi Digital Design, Neuromorphic Simulation and implementation of bio-inspired neural networks yes yes yes
Jaques Albert Optics Not available yes yes  
Rony Amaya RF ICs An Adaptive Phased Array Beamformer for 5G yes yes  
Hicham Chaoui Mechatronics Not available yes    
Hima Dhulipati Power Wireless charging system for electric vehicles     yes
Michael Feuerherm RF Systems Microcontroller based home automation applications yes    
Robert Gauthier EM Electronic Pin ball yes    
Pavan Gunupudi CAD Not available yes yes  
Shulabh Gupta Microwave Automotive RADAR for night driving assistance yes yes  
Masum Hossain Mixed Signal Design TBA yes    
Tashfeen Karamat Navigation Computation of Receiver Position using Pseudorange Measurements and Satellite Position Data yes yes  
Connor Kupchak Optics Portable Real-Time Polarimeter for Partially and Fully Polarized Light yes yes  
Shichao Liu SREE Solar Powered Automobile with Energy Storages     yes
Len MacEachern RF, Mixed-Signal, Machine Learning/Photonics Not available yes yes  
Ralph Mason Mixed Signal Design FPGA Realtime Spectrum Analyzer yes yes  
Steve McGarry Devices Novel Printed Organic Devices yes yes  
Michel Nakhla CAD Not available yes    
Ravi Prakash Sensors Flexible electronic sensor for physical and chemical sensing application yes yes  
John Rogers RF ICs Not available yes    
Maitham Shams Digital ICs Open topic: If you are a group of students with a project idea, email me. yes    
Christopher Smelser Photonics Optical Absorption Spectroscopy for Water Quality Measurements yes yes yes
Tom Smy Devices, CAD Numerical Simulation yes yes  
Alan Steele Photonics Bioinspired Environmentally Friendly Aerial Vehicle yes yes yes
Barry Syrett Microwave Not available yes    
Niall Tait Sensors Wireless sensor nodes yes yes  
Xiaoyu Wang Power Not available yes   yes
Jim Wight Microwave Drone Based Tunable Direction Finding up to 6 GHz yes    
Winnie Ye Photonics Not available yes yes  
Qi-Jun Zhang Neural Networks Neural Networks; Microprocessor-Based System yes yes  
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