Engineering Project

 0. Understanding Objectives
All students are expected to file the online application form and indicate five preferences to be considered for project assignments. The applications are due the end of August. The coordinator will
attempt to assign students to their chosen projects, or if not possible, to other projects in their area of interest. The priority is given to the students who have come to an agreement with a professor to undertake a project based on mutual interests. The priority is then given to students based on their GPA and mutually expressed interests in partnership.

For filling the application students should use their account. In case you do not have this account or forgot your password visit DOE Web Account Management System.
 1. Project Selection  Prerequisites
 2. Application  Projects and Assignments
 3. Proposal  Health and Safety
 4. Funding Request  Calendar
 5. Regular Meetings
 Relevant Skills
 6. Progress Report
 Previous Years' Samples
 7. Competition
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 8. Oral presentation
 9. Poster Presentation  Professors Login
 10. Final Report  Contact