Engineering Project

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 0. Understanding Objectives

Team Work
Groups of 3-5 students take on a major design assignment lasting for the entire academic year.  Working under the supervision of a faculty member, students must partition the work to achieve project goals. Team work involves both independent work and team collaboration. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are important for team project to succeed. Team work requires the studentís ability to collaborate with each other.  The project also provides opportunity for students to develop leadership and management capability. Each student is expected to make a clearly identifiable contribution. The final marking will be given to individual students, not to the group.

Health and Safety 
Students are required to be familiar with workplace health and safety issues, and apply this knowledge in the practice of the project. Students should also include in the final report a description of the health and safety issues for the project. Detailed information on health and safety is available in the resource section of this project website.

Economics and Business Considerations
Students are expected to identify the potential economic benefit/value of the work (examples of work are a hardware product, or software product, a new design prototype etc) performed. To this end, students should be knowledgeable of existing work in the same area, and be able to identify the advantages of the work performed.  Cost and benefit analysis of the work (of the products) are part of the consideration.

Project Management
Students are expected in their proposal to define time-schedule for the project.  As part of this schedule, students should identify milestones and deliverables planned during the project period. Weekly meetings by the project group are expected, during which project progress, problems, solutions etc will be discussed or presented.  Students should be able to continuously monitor their own progress, compare with the project schedule, and work according to plan.  It is expected that students will conduct the project with business-like spirit such as choosing a suitable project, making sound planning and producing deliverables on schedule.

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