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 0. Understanding Objectives
All projects officially start at the beginning of the academic year in September.
Projects are offered in different areas electronics, usually related to the research interest of the supervising professors. By finishing the third year requirements in an engineering program, most students develop an interest for working in a particular area or with a specific professor.  Because of the high demand for certain project topics and the limited number of seats for each project, there is an application and assignment process for distributing the projects among students. Professors usually have a section in their websites dedicated to 4th-year projects, where the details of the projects and the required background are outlined. Students should carefully brows through the available projects for the current academic year to find their preferences based on their interest and background. Due to sabbaticals and other types of academic work load adjustments, several professors do not offer 4th-year projects in any one academic year.

Students may wish to contact professors directly to get more details on their proposed projects before finalizing their decision. Sometimes a student or a group of students approach a professor and convince him or her that they have the motivation and the necessary background to undertake a certain project. They still need to file the application form and indicate this mutual interest. In this case, the individual or the group may start acquiring the background material for the project during the summer.

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