ELEC 5705 RF Systems Design (Last Updated March 21st, 2021)


Please note we are having weekly MS Teams meetings for this course.  You need a mycarletonone account and a Carleton email to join this chat.


Course Outline

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: RF Concepts I

Lecture 3: RF Concepts II

Lecture 4: Modulation

Lecture 5: Advanced Modulation and Channel Issues I

Lecture 6: Advanced Modulation and Channel Issues II

Lecture 7: RF Architectures I

Lecture 8: RF Architectures II

Lecture 9: RF Systems Issues I

Lecture 10: RF Systems Issues II


Lecture 11: PLL Lecture I

Lecture 12: PLL Lecture II


Lecture for Sept. 17th


Assignments for Winter 2021:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

A File for Assignment #3 (really big ~500Meg)

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Assignment #6

Assignment #7

Here is something to help start assignment 7.  The loop is missing something though, but if you think I am sure you will work out what!

ADPLL Example


Old Assignments:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3


Exam 2011

Exam 2012

Exam Winter 2013

Exam Fall 2013

Exam 2014


Another useful link:  www.complextoreal.com.