ELEC 1908 --An introduction to Engineering Physics. A overview of the field of engineering physics is given in this course. Lecture material covers classical physics, differential equations, numerical analysis of differential equations, quantum mechanics, and optoelectronics. The students will complete labs  and assignments in numerical analysis and the use of a commercial electrostatic simulation tool and do an project involving the simulation and experimental analysis of a chaotic circuit.

Course Requirements:

TSE (from ECOR 1010 pass/fail)
Fridays at 10:35-11:25 Room ME-3380.

You have to go to these lectures and take a short test at the end of term on the material. You need to pass this test!

Assignments/projects 100%

Writing A Report

Sample Assignment

IEEE Style Guide for citations

Course outline

The first class/meeting will be Jan 5, We. 11:30 in ME-3328.

All subsequent meeting times for the class are Fri 1:30-5:30 (Room MC-6030) and Friday 10:30-11:30 (TSE component. Room: ME 3380). The class times scheduled for Mon/Wed 11:30-12:30 are available for you to work on your labs and assignments. I will be available during that time as well as the TA.

A detailed week-by-week breakdown follows:

Week Fri. Lecture 1:30-2:30 (MC 6030) Fri Lab 2:30-5:30 (MC-6030)
Jan 13 Orientation Calendar: Engineering Physics Courses and PreReqs Tree Differential Equations and Classical Physics Free Lab
Jan 20 Matlab Intro Assignment Sounds From Matlab
Jan 27 Quantum Mechanics Introduction Free Lab
Feb 3 Game of Life Assignment Small program Full program
Feb 10 PDE Field modeling Matlab Heat flow Quantum Demos using numerical analysis GameOfLife Hints and Pseudocode example program
Feb 17 Coffee with a Prof Quantum and MEMS and NanoTech Free Lab
Feb 24 Reading week Reading week
March 3 Latex Lecture Latex Lab Latex New guidelines
March 10 Spice Lecture Spice Lab
March 17 Field Solvers Maxwell Lab (Due March 24 17)
March 24 Chaos and Determinism Chaos Lab Chaos Material Double Pendulum Video
March 31 Optical Systems And Fabrication To apply for a summer intership you should contact Blazenka Power the Dept. Administrator and let her know you are interested. Chaos Lab/Fab Tour
April 6 Free Free
Labs: 1st lab is on the numerical solution of Maxwell's equations, 2nd lab is on Spice simulation, 3rd lab is on FD solution of Maxwells equations, Experimental lab on deterministic chaos.

TA: Colin Fernandes

Course Content Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
  1. Describe the relationship between Classical and Modern Physics
  2. Present a basic understanding of Quantum Mechanics and its implications
  3. Understand the importance of differential equation to Physics and Engineering
  4. Do basic matlab programming
  5. Use Latex
  6. Use Spice for simple circuits
  7. Describe the physics of carrier flow in semiconductors.
  8. Use Maxwell-2D and understand the use in general of physical simulators
  9. Have basic lab and bread boarding skills
  10. Have an understanding of what Engineering Physics is and an overview of the program. Have a an understanding of the role of engineering in society and the importance of health and safety.