Metamaterials & Antenna Research Squad (MARS)

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Based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, the MARS targets focused applications in the area of smart Antennas and Metamaterials, and is committed to finding novel engineering solutions to some of the most challenging problems in implementing tomorrow’s radio systems. The group is based in the Department of Electronics (DoE) and specializes in wide range of topics in the area of microwave engineering, metamaterials/metasurfaces, signal processing and wide-band antennas with strong emphasis on inter-disciplinary research ranging from microwaves to optics. The group further specializes in Computational Electromagnetics focussed on novel and cutting edge problems in modeling electromagnetic metasurfaces. The group devises novel simulations methods and techniques for modeling electromagnetics metamaterials with greater emphasis on fundamental EM principles and concepts in close collaboration with Prof. Tom Smy.
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    mm-Wave Dual Layer Huygens' Transmit-array
  • Stacks Image 692
    Near-Field Characterization of the mm-Wave Huygens' Transmit-Array
  • Stacks Image 695
    Multi-port Slot Array Antenna for Direction Finding and Fourier Transforming
  • Stacks Image 699
    Amplitude Equalized Phasers
  • Stacks Image 703
    mm-Wave Beam Former using Slot Array Antennas
  • Stacks Image 707
    Dispersion Engineered Choke Ring for GNSS Application
  • Stacks Image 711
    3D printed Choke Ring for GNSS Applications
  • Stacks Image 715
    All-dielectric Huygens' Transmit-array
  • Stacks Image 780
    Reflection Metasurface
  • Stacks Image 723
    Huygens' Transmit Array
  • Stacks Image 732
    4-port Rhode & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer
  • Stacks Image 735
    Ultimaker S5 3D printer
  • Stacks Image 738
    Metasurface Measurement System
  • Stacks Image 741
    Metasurfaces for 5G
  • Stacks Image 744
    Metasurface Characterization
  • Stacks Image 747
    4-port Rhode & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer
  • Stacks Image 764
    mm-Wave Side-Fire Antennas
  • Stacks Image 766
    mm-Wave Side-Fire Antenna Feeds
  • Stacks Image 768
    120 GHz All-Dielectric Metasurfaces
  • Stacks Image 770
    Ka Band Metasurface Measurement Systems
  • Stacks Image 776
    Ka Band Independent Amplitude and Phase Metasurface
  • Stacks Image 778
    X-band Smart Metasurface
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