Current Opportunities

New fully funded M.A.Sc./Ph.D. opening in Metasurface Research for exceptional students with strong background in Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetics. Contact me with your CV and past research works. Permanent Residency and Canadian citizenship is preferred.

Based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, the Real-Time Electromagnetic Engineering Research Group (EMERG) is committed to finding novel engineering solutions to some of the most challenging problems in implementing tomorrow’s radio systems. Headed by Prof. Shulabh Gupta, the group is based in the Department of Electronics (DoE) and specializes in wide range of topics in the area of microwave engineering, metamaterials/metasurfaces, signal processing and wideband antennas with strong emphasis on inter-disciplinary research ranging from microwaves to optics. There will be graduate openings in the group (at the Masters level), and potential candidates are encouraged to send their profile and research interests conforming to the general activities of the group. Candidates having fellowships or wishing to apply for one, are specially encouraged.


Research Fundings

1. NSERC USRA, "Efficient Numerical Implementation of FDTD based 3D Electromagnetic Metasurface Solver", 2018.
NSERC ENGAGE, "Radiation Pattern Engineering using Metasurface Antennas for 5G Wireless Networks", 2018.

3. CFI JELF, "Intelligent Electromagnetic Metamaterials for next Generation Wireless Networks", 2017.
NSERC Discovery Grant, "Real Time Electromagnetic Wave Engineering for Next Generation Wireless Systems", 2017.