ELEC 5705 RF Systems Design (Last Updated Dec. 8th, 2016)


Note:  I assume that now anyone who needed a textbook for the course has one.  I will be returning my extras to the publisher next week.  After that time books will have to be ordered from the publisher or amazon.  

For those who are obtaining a copy on their own please ensure that you get a hard copy.  Only hard copies of text books will be permitted into the final exam.  No notes, photocopies or electronic devices of any kind will be allowed into the exam. 

Lecture for Sept. 17th

Course Outline

Assignments for Fall 2016:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

A File for Assignment #3 (really big ~500Meg)

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Assignment #6

Assignment #7

Here is something to help start assignment 7.  The loop is missing something though, but if you think I am sure you will work out what!

ADPLL Example


Old Assignments:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3


Exam 2011

Exam 2012

Exam Winter 2013

Exam Fall 2013

Exam 2014


Another useful link:  www.complextoreal.com.