Tom Smy, Ph.D. (Alberta)

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Here is a paper on Photonics in Canada   that I have written (a french translated version is here).
The paper was commissioned in March of 2001 by Industry Canada

Research Highlights


I am currently in the final ;-) stages of a distribution version of the Atar/3dfilms simulation suite. If you are interested in being notified when this is available and under what conditions please email me at


3D Thin film modeling

Modeling of engineered microstructures using 3D-Films

Modeling of metal deposition over VLSI structures using SIMBAD


Atar simulations of heat flow in integrated microelectonic and photonic devices


Research Interests

VLSI process and device simulation. Metallization issues; thin film physics, experimental sputtering and evaporation; computer modelling of thin film deposition techniques, including high temperature sputtering, bias sputtering, and CVD; electromigration modelling and experimental characterization. Computer modeling of thermal/electrical effects in integrated devices.

A primary project of mine has been the development of SIMBAD/SIMSPUD.

A new development is the creation of a 3D thin film simulator 3DFILMS

Under development with D. Walkey is a thermal device simulator ATAR



Course Information

Course Notes for ELEC 4705 are here.

Course Notes for ELEC 4700 are here.

Course Notes for ELEC 1908 are here.

My 398 page for 2003 is here.

Other Interests

Squash! and more Squash! Not the plant but the game! and yoga and more yoga.

Can't get too much yoga or squash.

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