Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzer Basics2005-01-04 Adobe Acrobat File3.70 MB

HP 3580A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (5KHz to 50KHz)

Location: Undergraduate Lab.Inv #

Service and Operating Manual Bundle: 3580A Spectrum Analyzer Operating and Service Manual 1980-07-01 | PDF 15.2 MB

The 3580A Spectrum Analyzer is a low frequency, high performance analyzer. Its 1Hz bandwidth allows the user to examine noise and extraneous signal content close in to a signal of interest. The 3580A features an adaptive sweep which allows the user to set a threshold above which only the spectra of interest are observed. Digital storage is another important feature which enhances the display for slowly swept low frequency signals. • Frequency range: 5Hz to 50kHz • Resolution: 1Hz • Amplitude range: (linear) 20 V-100 nV full scale; (log) +30 dBm or dB V and -150 dBm or dB V • Dynamic range: 80 dB • Sweep scan width: 50Hz to 50kHz • Log sweep: 20Hz to 43kHz ± 20% after 3 sweeps • Sweep times: 0.1 sec to 2000 sec • Output range: 0 to 1 V RMS into 600 ohms • Frequency response: ± 3%, 5Hz to 50kHz • Adaptive sweep for increased scan speed .


HP 3582A FFT Spectrum Analyzer (1Hz to 25KHz)

Location: AIL Lab. Inv #

Operating Manual: 3582A Spectrum Analyzer Operating Manual 1981-03-01 | PDFPDF 11.9 MB

The 3582A Dynamic Spectrum Analyzer offers outstanding value in a dual-channel, real-time spectrum analyzer that solves bench and systems measurement problems in the frequency range 0.02Hz to 25.599kHz. Sophisticated LSI digital filtering combined with microcomputer execution of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) provides exceptional measurement capability and performance.


HP 3585A Low noise Spectrum Analyzer  (20Hz to 40.1MHz)

Location: Storage Inv #

Serivce Manuals: 3585A Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual, Volume 1 1981-08-01 | PDF 31.7 MB

    3585A Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual, Volume 2 1981-08-01 | PDF 37 MB

    3585A Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual, Volume 3 1981-08-01 | PDF 87 MB

Operating Manual: 3585A Spectrum Analyzer Operating Manual 1979-02-01 | PDF 12.8 MB

A state-of-the-art, self-calibrating 3585A Spectrum Analyzer with a fully synthesized local oscillator, and HP-IB port. Outstanding low frequency performance, from 20Hz to 40.1MHz. Within 0.4 dB overall measurement accuracy is maintained by an internal calibration routine, performed by an internal microprocessor. Frequency Span range includes the entire frequency range with 0.1Hz resolution. Resolution Bandwidths of 3Hz to 30kHz in 1-3-10 sequence. Amplitude Measurement range from -137 dBm to +30 dBm (50 or 75 ohms) or 31 nV to 22 V (1 Mohm).  Dynamic range better than -80 dB. The built-in tracking generator provides output levels from 0 dBm to -11 dBm with a single turn knob. The 3585A's CRT readout and microprocessor based controls and internal microcomputer provides for CRT readout of all control settings, digitally stored and refreshed trace, and autoranging input attenuator.


HP  8564E Spectrum Analyzer (1GHz to 40GHz).

.Location: Faraday. Inv #

Quick Reference Guide: 8564 Quick Reference Guide 2000-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File0.92 MB

Phase Noise Utility Guide: 85671 Phase Noise Utility Guide 2000-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File0.33 MB

The 8564E Spectrum Analyzer offers the measurement capabilities and performance traditionally found only in larger, more expensive bench-top analyzers. The unit combines outstanding phase noise, sensitivity, 1Hz resolution bandwidths, and wide dynamic range in a MIL-rugged package built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The unit covers a frequency range of 9kHz to 40GHz.


HP  8569B Spectrum Analyzer (0.01GHz to 22GHz).

HP 8569B, Spectrum Analyzers, Microwave Spectrum Analyzer , Microwave (1GHz to 40GHz)

.Location: Graduate Lab. Inv #

Service and Operating Manual Bundle: 8569B Spectrum Analyzer Operation and Service Manual 1982-12-01 | PDF 33.3 MB

High performance and simple operation are combined with unique microprocessor-controlled capabilities in the 8569B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer. Excellent sensitivity and internal preselection assure the wide, spurious-free measurement range necessary for production applications, while the digital display and couples controls speed measurement routines. The internal frequency range of 10MHz to 22GHz is extended using external mixers: to 40GHz in two bands (optional); to 71GHz with 11971 series mixers (sold separately); and to 115GHz with commercially available mixers. For semi-automatic operation, connect a desktop computer to the unit via HP-IB to allow access to the displayed trace data and the control settings necessary to analyze or record measurements, or display operator messages and prompts on the CRT. Direct, hard copy output to a digital plotter is possible with the need of a controller or any programming. •Simplified three knob operation •Wide resolution range (100Hz to 3MHz) •Amplitude range from -123 to +30 dBm •HP-IB display interface.


HP  8591E Spectrum Analyzer (9KHz to 1.8GHz).

..Location: Graduate Lab Inv # CMC2193

User Guide: 4190E User Guide1998-07-01 Adobe Acrobat File3.74 MB

The 8591E Spectrum Analyzer brings powerful, comprehensive measurement capabilities to RF, microwave, and digital applications. The unit covers the frequency range 9kHz to 1.8GHz at 50-ohms and 1MHz to 1.8GHz at 75-ohms.


HP  8593E Spectrum Analyzer (9KHz to 26.5GHz).

..Location: Graduate Lab Inv # CMC2999

User Guide: 4190E User Guide1998-07-01 Adobe Acrobat File3.74 MB

The HP 8593E is an easy-to-use microwave spectrum analyzer that offers a wide range of performance, features, and optional capability to meet your measurement needs. Downloadable measurement personalities combine with optional plug-in performance to provide tailored solutions for your application.


HP  8595A Spectrum Analyzer (9 KHz to 6.5GHz).

Location: Graduate Lab. Inv #

User Guide: 4190E User Guide1998-07-01 Adobe Acrobat File3.74 MB

The 8595A has a frequency range of 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz and an amplitude range of 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz with an amplitude range of -114 to +30 dBm.


HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer (10 Hz to 500MHz).

Location: Graduate Lab. Inv #

Operating Manual: 4195A Operating Manual1990-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File2.25 MB

Maintenance Manual: 4195A Maintenance Manual1989-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File8.83 MB

User's Guide: 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer User's Guide 1990-01-01 | PDF 2.19 MB

Service Manual: 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual 1988-08-01 | PDF 9.86 MB


The 4195A combines both vector network and spectrum analysis in one instrument. The frequency covered is 10Hz through 500MHz with an excellent 0.001Hz resolution for audio, baseband, HF, VHF, and IF applications. It directly measures amplitude ratio, phase, group delay, and spectrum level needed for characterizing linear/non-linear analog circuits or components in communication, and telecommunications.

41951A  Impedence Test Kit

Location: Nagui's Office

The HP Agilent 41951A can be used for impedance measurements from 100kHz to 500MHz when used with the Agilent HP 4195A Network Analyzer.

The direct reading of impedance parameters, error compensation, variable test signal/dc bias level, and dedicated analysis functions are all convenient for evaluating components, such as crystal/SAW resonators, coils, and varicap diodes.


Operation Note: 41951A Impedance Test Kit Operation Note 1990-02-01 | PDF 859 KB


HP 41952A Test Set



Location: Graduate Lab


Description : HP/Agilent 41952-69002 Transmission/Reflection Test Set, 100kHz-500MHz, 75 Ohms, For HP 41952B Kit. Transmission/Reflection Test Set, 100kHz-500MHz, 75 Ohms, For HP 41952B Kit. Test Equipment:Accessories 68567


**No Manuals Availible**




N1996A Agilent CSA Spectrum Analyzer (100kHz - 6 Ghz)

Location: Inv #

Manuals: N1996A Documentation/Manuals 2006-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File21.1 MB



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