2020 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design ELEC 5503 (ELG 6353)

Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 2:35-3:55, ME 3174

All further course information, course notes, assignments, will be provided through cuLearn, so all students will be required to have access to it. More information is provided in the course outline, that can be seen on cuLearn.

Once registered, students from Carleton will already have access to the course on and will have a cmail.carleton.ca account. Students from U. Ottawa will need to go through an extra step to create a MyCarletonOne account. Instructions can be found at uOttawa Access to cuLearn

To do the assignments, all students will need to follow the following steps to have access to the IC design tools (Cadence)

Instructions for accounts, tool licenses, NDA for process kit