Len MacEachern

Associate Professor
7044 Minto Centre
613-520-2600 ext. 2381

About Len MacEachern


Biosignal acquisition and processing, microelectronics; mixed-signal circuits.


Wearable technology, low-power ADCs, distributed linearized CMOS amplifiers, time to digital converters, time difference multipliers.


  • IEEE reviewer
  • CMC Representative
  • emSYSCAN Director
  • Associate Chair, Department of Electronics

Selected Publications Journal

El-Khatib, Z.; MacEachern, L.; Mahmoud, S.A.; , "Highly-linear CMOS cross- coupled compensator transconductor with enhanced tunability," Electronics Letters , vol.46, no.24, pp.1597-1598, November 25 2010

El-Khatib, Z.; MacEachern, L.; Mahmoud, S.A.; , "Linearised bidirectional distributed amplifier with 20 dB IM3 distortion reduction," Electronics Letters , vol.46, no.15, pp.1089-1090, July 22 2010

Zhan Xu; MacEachern, L.; , "Optimum Design of Wideband Compensated and Uncompensated Marchand Baluns With Step Transformers," Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on , vol.57, no.8, pp.2064-2071, Aug. 2009

Xu, Z.; MacEachern, L., Adaptive predistortion of lasers using multivariable feedback algorithm. Electronics Letters, Volume 45, Issue 19, 2009, Page(s): 968 - 969


Ghoniemy, Samy; George, Karim F.; MacEachern, Leonard; , "Performance Evaluation and Enhancements of 42.7 Gb/s DWDM Transmission System Using Different Modulation Formats," Communication Networks and Services Research Conference (CNSR), 2011 Ninth Annual , vol., no., pp.189-194, 2-5 May 2011

El-Khatib, Z.; MacEachern, L.; Mahmoud, S.A.; , "CMOS interleaved distributed 2 ×3 matrix amplifier employing active post distortion and optimum gate bias linearization technique," Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), 2010 23rd Canadian Conference on , vol., no., pp.1-4, 2-5 May 2010

El-Khatib, Z.; MacEachern, L.; Mahmoud, S.A.; , "LTCC-based ultra- wideband Linearly Tapered Slot Antenna design guidelines," Radar Conference, 2009. EuRAD 2009. European , vol., no., pp.381-384, Sept. 30 2009-Oct. 2 2009


Ziad El-Khatib, Leonard MacEachern, Samy A. Mahmoud, Distributed CMOS Bidirectional Amplifiers Broadbanding and Linearization Techniques, Springer, 2012.


U.S. Prov. Patent Application 61/970,482, Wearable Intelligent Activity Tracking System Using Biosignals and Motion Analysis, filed April 2014

U.S. Prov. Patent Application 61/970,477, Method of Determining Heartbeat Impulses, filed April 2014

U.S. Prov. Patent Application 61/970,454, Methods of Analysing Activity Using Electromyography, filed April 2014

US Patent No.: 2,375,438, Improvements to a High Linearity Gilbert IQ Dual Mixer, re-issued Feb. 2014

US Patent No.: 2,456,930, Method and apparatus for conversion of radiofrequency (RF) signals using aperiodic mixing signals, re-issued Feb. 2014

US Patent No.: 2,421,173, Improved method and apparatus for up and down conversion of radio frequency signals, re-issued Feb. 2014

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