How-to submit a remote ANSYS Electronics Desktop (HFSS) job

On your desktop computer launch ANSYS Electronics Desktop (previously know as HFSS).

After loading a project

Click the icon step1a.png"HPC and Analysis Options"  and configure it as listed below.

Options Tab

HFSS Options Tab

Make sure that the HPC License is "Pool" , the Default Process Priority is "Idle" and the MPI Vendor is "Platform Computing".

Configurations Tab

Click Add...
Analysis Configuration

There are three linux servers available to simulate ANSYS jobs on, use the "DNS Name..." method to add them.

Name Cores Memory Tasks Max Cores Allowed Max Memory Allowed 16 @ 2.9 GHz 256GB 8 16 90% 12 @ 3.46GHz 256GB 6 12 90% 16 @ 3.20GHz 256GB 8 16 90%

Please note the above table on how to populate the Cores and RAM limits. These servers are public servers for everyone to use, please limit yourself to the above parameters.

NOTE: Just enabled one server, see below for enabling multiple servers.

The above steps are sufficient if you are planning on only using one host to simulate ie just borr or thor. If you want your job to use multiple servers a couple more steps are necessary. Please note there are many factors to a simulation time. Using more cores and/or multiple hosts does not necessarily cause your simulation to complete faster. Adding more cores and hosts also adds overhead to your job, please try using one hosts first and than adding more to make sure it will improve your simulation.

If you would like to run on multiple hosts please follow the steps below.

ssh or login use a GUI to any linux server listed above and run the script



Now enable more then one server.

If you require more performance or have any issues please contact Scott Bruce (

Click OK and OK, you are now ready to submit a HFSS remote job. Just pick the new configuration from the "Select analysis configuration" drop down menu.


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