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Wednesday 02 August 2017

Time .Cleanroom .PEP (Angela) .ROB Rod 1 Balzers Evap 2 PR MA6 Aligner 3 PR Spinner 4 PR Develop bench 5 PR Acid bench 6 TRION PECVD 7 PG/TMAH wetbench 8 Service Bay wetbench 9 Metal Liftoff bench Bruce 8 tube 6, Anneals RCA Diffusion bench Bruce 8 Tube 7, H2 Sinter LPCVD LOTOX LPCVD NITRIDE LPCVD POLY March Juniper II RIE MRC RIE OXIDATION Tube POCL Diffusion tube RTA - AG SEM Semicore Sputter dep Technics Etcher red room Technics etcher-in metal