Tom Smy

Refereed Journal Publications

1. P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka, T. Smy, D. Celo and M. Nakhla, "Passive Multidimensional Timedomain Macromodels For Highspeed Transmission Line Networks", Accepted for the December Issue of IEEE Trans. MTT. (C,M)

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Refereed Papers under Review

31. B.Dick, M.J. Brett, T. Smy, "Controlled Growth of Periodic Pillars by Glancing Angle Deposition", Submitted to JVSTB (N)

32. B.Dick, M.J. Brett, T. Smy, "Effect of Rotation on Microstructures Fabricated by Glancing AngleDeposition", Submitted to JJAP. (N)

33. D. Celo, P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka , D. J. Walkey, T. Smy and M. Nakhla "Very Fast Simulation of Steady-State Temperature Distributions in Electronic Components using Multi-Dimensional ModelReduction", submitted to IEEE Journal on Advanced Packages. (C,N,M)

34. X. Guo, D. Celo, P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka , D. J. Walkey, T. Smy and M. Nakhla, "The Creation of Compact Thermal Models of Electronic Components Using Model Reduction", submitted to IEEECPMT. (C,N,M)

35. G. Romo and T. Smy, "Effecient Simulation of Photonic Crystals using TLM", submitted to Photon-ics & Nanostructures, Fundamentals and Applications.

Invited Conference Papers, Talks and Workshops

36. T. Smy and M.J. Brett, "Modeling GLAD films using 3D-FILMS", Canadian Semiconductor Tech-nology Conference, Ottawa, Aug. 2003.

37. T.Smy, "Model Based Solutions to Metallization Microstructure: comparison of fill and barrier tech-niques ", Advanced Metals Short Course, Oct, University of California, Berkeley, For the years 1997-2004.

38. T. Smy, R.V.Joshi, S. K. Dew, M. J. Brett, "3D Microstructural Simulation of Thin Film Deposition for VLSI Interconnects", Int. Conf. on VMIC 2000, Santa Clara. (Best paper award).

39. L. J. Friedrich, D. S. Gardner, S. K. Dew, M. Brett, T. Smy, "Fundamental and Practical Studies of Copper Reflow Using Process Simulation", presented at the International Conference on Metallurgi-cal Coatings and Thin Films, San Diego CA, April 22, 1997.

Conference Papers

40. S. Abdalla, P. Barrios, A. Delge, I. Golub, S. Janz, R. McKinnon, P. Poole, D. Celo, S. El-Mougy, S. Ng, S. Raymond, T. Smy, B. Syrett "Optical Switching in InGaAsP Waveguides Using Localized Index Gradients", 11th CSTC, Ottawa, 2003 (Ci,C)

41. P.D. Waldron, L. Winchiu, P. Chyurlia, T. Smy, I. Golub, D.-X. Xu, S. Janz, G. Tarr, P.E. Jessop, "An Electro-Optic Modulator in Silicon-on-Insulator" P.D. Waldron, L. Winchiu, P. Chyurlia, T. Smy, I. Golub, D.-X. Xu, S. Janz, G. Tarr, P.E. Jessop, 11th CSTC, Ottawa, 2003. (Ci,C)

42. T. Smy and R.V. Joshi, "Simulation Of The Deposition Of Bcc Metals Including Anistropic Effects Using 3D-Films", Advanced Metallization for ULSI applications, 2003. (N)

43. D. Celo, T. Smy and R.V. Joshi, "Backend Implications For Thermal Effects In 3d Integrated Soi Structures", Advanced Metallization for ULSI applications, 2003. (M,C,N)

44. G. Romo Luevano, T. Smy, "A Passive Circuit Representation of Boundary Conditions for Mod-elling Periodic Microwave Structures using the TLM Method", 2003 IEEE AP-S ISAPropagation, Columbus, Ohio, USA on June 22-27, 2003.(Ci,N)

45. P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka, T. Smy, D. Celo and M. Nakhla, "Multidimensional Time-Domain Macro-models for Microwave Applications", 2003 International Microwave Symposium, Philadelphia, Penn-sylvania June 8-13, 2003 (C,N)

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51. G. Knight, T. Smy, and S. Crisnan, " Calculating current flow in deep-submicron and nanoscale metal structures" Advanced Metallization for ULSI applications, Montreal, Oct. 2001. (N,M)


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