3D-Films Papers

VMIC-2000 - Invited paper (a summary of VLSI deposition stuff to date)

AMC-2000 - 3D growth over VLSI topography

TOPO1 - Basic modeling results for 3D film growth over VLSI topography

 CVD - Modeling non-unity sticking film growth processes for VLSI metal deposition.

AMC-2000 - Modeling electrical via and film resistances

JVSTA-2507 - Basic GLAD film modeling

MRS 2000  Spring   - Presentation on using 3D-Films for modeling GLAD (porous film growth)

Thermal  - Using 3D-Films to model heat flow through GLAD films

Microchannel -  GLAD films and simulations over topography

Periodic - Simulations and experimental results for GLAD films on a patterned substrate

MRS 2000  Fall - Basic GLAD growth with 3D-Films modeling of AFM and SEM images

AFM simulation results

Here are some other simulation results