·        Digital Electronics (ELEC 3500)

Digital circuit design using verilog and logic synthesis, the electronic properties of logic gates, electrical interfacing between logic families, asynchronous to synchronous interfacing, clock distribution and timing, VLSI design options.

·        ASIC for Telecommunications (ELEC5708)

The literature study is followed by a design or an analysis; or a comparative analysis assignment. In this assignment it is expected that students will use simulation tools (such HDL simulator, HSPICE) to re-analyse a circuit identified in the literature. It is expected that the critical performance parameters (depending on the circuit it could rise/fall time, power consumption, gate number complexity) be obtained. The topic could be selected from the list provided or be proposed by the student for approval by the Professor. 

·        Non-linear Analog Circuits (ELEC5809) 

This course is intended for both senior M.Eng. and Ph.D. students in the Department of Electronics. It covers all basic circuits currently in use for telecommunication applications. Non-linear transistor characteristics are expressed in a closed form. More complex telecom building blocks are then analyzed using these basic transistor models. For oscillators and PLL circuit non-linear theory of these devices is presented leading to derivations of closed form expression for performance parameters such as oscillator Q, center frequency and PLL bandwidth, capture range and the acquisition behavior. The material excludes circuitsÆ behavior in the presence of noise.

·        Digital Integrated Electronics (ELEC4706)

This course builds up on the digital and analog design knowledge acquired in the courses preceding. The course addresses the major design challenges faced by digital designers today. These issues are in large part the consequence of the increased on-chip frequency of operation and the speed of data exchange on the PCB and on the backplane. Modern memory devices are overviewed. Examples of memory and CPU interfacing are given.


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