Current Research Projects:

High Speed Serial Data Communication:
    Considerable effort has been focused on research and development of circuits which facilitate high speed serial data communications beyond 10Gb/s over backplane channels. This includes all aspects of the transmitter and receiver architectures, with significant focus on the following areas:
  • Transmitter Pre-Emphasis
  • Receive-end Feed Forward Equalization
  • Receive-end Decision Feedback Equalization
  • Clock and Data Recovery Circuitry
  • Serializer and Deserializer Circuitry
  • Adaptive Equalization
  • Error Control Coding
  • Cryptography
Frequency Synthesis:
    In conjunction with the research mentioned above, a significant amount of work has been done in the area of frequency synthesis. Past research projects have included novel VCO theory and architectures which led to several papers and two patents. More importantly, groundbreaking work was performed on Sigma-Delta modulation techniques which also led to several publications and a patent. Recently, effort has been focused in the area of PLL and DLL design for use in CDR circuitry. This includes the following research:
  • Integer and Fractional-N PLL Design
  • Sigma-Delta Modulators
  • DLL Design and Construction
  • Distributed Oscillators
  • Jitter Reduction Techniques
High Performance Analog Circuitry:
    Other research projects have included a wide variety of circuits and techniques to enhance high performance circuit design. These include the following research areas
  • Verilog-A Circuit Modeling
  • A/D and D/A Conversion Circuitry
  • Fault Tolerant Systems for Wireless Applications

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