Dr. Tadeusz Kwasniewski,
M.Sc., Ph.D. (IBJ & PW Warsaw)

VLSI Signal and Data Processing Research Group

Dr. Tadeusz Kwasniewski
Specializing in:
  • High-Speed Serial Data Communications

    • Clock and Data Recovery Circuitry

    • Transmit and Receive End Equalization 

    • Serializer / Deserializer Circuitry

  • Frequency Synthesis 

    • PLL and DLL Building Blocks Including VCO

  • Implementation of Dedicated DSP Blocks

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Email: tak@doe.carleton.ca
Web: http://www.doe.carleton.ca/~tak  
Voice: +1 613 520-5762 
FAX: +1 613 520-5708
Office: 3032MC (Minto-CASE Building)

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