ELEC 3508       Fall

Power Electronics

Power transformers. DC and AC motors. Power semiconductor devices: Thyristors, Triacs, MCTs, IGBTs). Converter circuits: controlled AC to DC rectifiers, choppers, DC to AC inverters, AC voltage controllers, cycloconverters. Protection of conversion circuits. Applications to high-efficiency control of electric machines and electromechanical energy conversion devices.

Prerequisite: ELEC 2501 and ELEC 2507.

Lectures three hours per week, laboratories/problem analysis three hours per week.

ELEC 4704       Fall

Nanoscale Technology and Devices

Engineering at the nanoscale. Quantum confinement and the effect of scale. Analysis tools: microscopy, spectroscopy. Fabrication: thin films, nanoparticles, nanotubes, graphene, organics. Structures and properties: quantum wells, nanocrystals, nanostructuring. Applications and devices: electronics, optoelectronics, photonics.

Prerequisites: ELEC 3908.

Lectures three hours a week, problem analysis three hours alternating weeks.