Route Descriptions


Each description contains a low-resolution map excerpt copied from the 1994 edition of the Canoe Routes of Alqonguin Provincial Park map, available in pdf format as a 5.5 Mb download from Ontario Parks. We're assuming that the Friends of Algonquin Park, the present copyright holders to the map, will not have violent objections to excerpts appearing here for non-commercial purposes. Hardcopies of the Canoe Routes map are available at every access point and from many outdoors stores, and can be ordered online. This map is essential for any canoe trip. Topographical maps are also very helpful, providing information on the lay of the land and logging roads (useful in emergencies) which is absent from the Canoe Routes map. 1:250,000 scale topo maps generally provide sufficient detail for canoeists. Map 31E covers the center and west side of the park and map 31F the eastern sector. We've sketched in the approximate location of some trails and roads on the canoe map excerpts presented here.

The descriptions cover only the regularly maintained routes, which are shown in red on the Canoe Routes map. The secondary routes shown in black are maintained infrequently, and may have portage trails blocked by deadfall and overgrowth. These routes are only recommended for those who are intent on avoiding crowds at all costs, and are willing to spend time bushwacking around obstacles.

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