Frequency Synthesizer/Sweep Oscillators



HP 3325A Frequency Synthesizer (20 MHz)


The 3325A Synthesizer / Function Generator is a versatile and precision synthesizer providing frequencies from 1ľHz to 21MHz (sine), 11MHz (square), and 11kHz (triangle, ramps). Frequency resolution to 1ľHz below 100kHz and 1MHz above 100kHz are provided by the 11-digit display. Excellent choice for ATE Systems, completely HP-IB programmable! The 3325A includes a log/linear sweep function with variable sweep time and marker out, external AM and phase modulation, and variable phase offset when connected to another 3325A. Ten storage registers allow one to quickly change front-panel setups. Output is rated at 1 mV to 10 V p-p into 50-ohms. Frequency stability for the basic unit is an aging rate of ą5x10E-06/year.


HP 3325B Frequency Synthesizer (20 MHz)


The 3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator covers the frequency range of 1ľHz to 21MHz. • Functions: sine, square, triangle, ramps, rbs, dc offset • Internal programmable modulation source • Log, Linear, and discrete sweeps • Amplitude: 1 mV to 10 Vp-p in 8 ranges • Excellent signal purity • DC to 60 MHz sync output • Designed for HP-IB systems


HP 8663A Frequency Synthesizer (100 KHz to 2.56GHz)

HP / Agilent 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator


Operation and Calibration Manual: 8663A Operation and Calibration Manual 1991-08-01 Adobe Acrobat File8.97 MB

The 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator derives RF performance from an indirect frequency synthesis technique that results in frequency resolution of 0.1Hz from 100kHz to 2650MHz. Output is available from +13 to -139.9 dBm with output level accuracy held to ą1 dB using microprocessor correction, making the 8663A an ideal generator for performing precise receiver sensitivity tests either manually or in automated systems via the HP-IB interface. Also offers versatile phase-locked AM/FM using either internal 400Hz and 1kHz rates or externally applied modulating signals, which can be either DC or AC coupled. The unit also generates phase and pulse modulation.


HP 8673C Frequency Synthesizer (0.05 to 18.6 GHz)

HP 8673E, Signal Sources, Synthesized Signal Generator , Synthesized Generators


The 8673C Synthesized Signal Generator covers the range from 2GHz to 18GHz in 3 bands. Output is +8 to ?120 dBm from 2 to 18GHz. Resolution is 0.1 dB, digitally displayed. Time base accuracy is <5 parts in 10E-10 per day. Single-sideband phase noise is >/= -60 dBc. Pulse, amplitude and frequency modulation are all available. All functions are controllable via an HP-IB interface.


HP 83640B Frequency Synthesizer (10 MHz to 40 GHz)

The 83640B 0.01 - 40 GHz Synthesized Sweeper is the standard of excellence for applications requiring the high performance and accuracy of a synthesized source and the speed and versatility of a sweep oscillator. Synthesized broadband frequency coverage is generated by indirect synthesis, enabling the 83640B to achieve low single-sideband phase noise performance. It also delivers excellent harmonic performance with harmonics at least 50 dB below the carrier from 2.0 to 26.5 GHz, and at least 40 dB below the carrier above 26.5 GHz.


13 HP 33120A Arbitrary Waveform generator (15 MHz)

User Manual: 33120 User Manual 1997-08-01 Adobe Acrobat File3.43 MB

The Agilent Technologies 33120A is a full-featured 15 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator. It not only provides a wide variety of waveforms, but also arbitrary waveforms with 12-bit resolution, 16,000 point memory depth, and a sample rate of 40 Msa/s. In addition, it has sweep, burst, and modulation capabilities all in a half-width package. With standard GPIB and RS-232 interfaces, the 33120A is perfectly suited for stand-alone bench and system applications. The Agilent 33120A's performance, unique combination of features and low price set it apart from the competition

• Standard Waveforms: sine, square, ramp, triangle, white noise, sin(x)/x, cardiac, exponential rise and fall
• 15 MHz sine and square wave output
• 10 MHz white noise
• 100 kHz ramp/triangle
• Arbitrary waveforms (12-bit, 16,000 points, 40 MSa/s)
• 10 uHz frequency resolution
• AM, FM, FSK modulation
• Linear and Log sweep
• FREE connectivity software
• GPIB and RS-232 standard
• SCPI language
• Phase Lock optional


Rohde & Schwarz Dual Aribitrary Wave Generator AWG 1012.4002(2)



Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generator 835.8011.58 (100 KHz to 4.32 GHz)



Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generator SME06 (5 KHz to 6.06 GHz)





HP 8620C Sweeper Mainframes ( Quantity 4)


HP 86260A Plug-In (12.4 to 18 GHz)

HP 86260A/004/H21, Signal Sources, Single-Band Plug-In , Sweep Generator Mainframe/Plug-Ins

The 86260A Single-Band Plug-In make extensive use of microelectronics for superior performance and high reliability at an extremely low price. The unit is completely compatible with either the 8620A or 8620B mainframe. • Frequency Range: 12.4 to 18.0GHz • Maximum Leveled Power: 6 dBm • Harmonic/Spurious: -30 dB/-60 dB • Residual FM: <30 kHz peak


3 HP 86250D Plug-In (8 to 12.4 GHz)

HP 86250D/H90, Signal Sources, Single-Band Plug-In , Function Generator/Sweep Generator

The 86250D Single-Band Plug-In makes extensive use of microelectronics for superior performance and high reliability at an extremely low price. The unit is completely compatible with either the 8350 Series mainframe. • Frequency Range: 8.0 to 12.4GHz • Maximum Leveled Power: > 50 mW • Harmonic/Spurious: > -30 dB/> -60 dB • Residual FM: < 9kHz peak


HP 86235A Plug-In (1.7 to 4.3 GHz)

HP 86235A/001/002, Signal Sources, RF Plug In , Sweep Generator Mainframe/Plug-Ins

The 86235A RF Plug In sweeps the frequency range of 1.7 to 4.3 GHz with over 40 mW of output power. The 86235A is compatible with 8620-Series Sweeper Mainframes and with the 8350 Mainframes when used with the 11869A adapter.


4 HP 8690 A/B Sweeper Mainframe with



2 HP 8699B Plug-IN (0.1 to 4 GHz)



3 HP 8694B Plug-In (8 to 12 GHz)



HP 8695A Plug-In (12.4 to 18 GHz)



HP 8693B Plug-In (3.7 to 8.3 GHz)



2 HP 608E VHF Signal Generators (10 to 480 MHz)



HP E4432B Signal Generator (250kHz - 3GHz) with I&Q Option


Manuals: E4432B Documentation/Manuals 2005-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File54.3 MB



HP E4433B Signal Generator (250kHz - 4GHz)


Manuals: E4433B Documentation/Manuals 2005-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File54.3 MB



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