Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer


HP 4145A with HP 1658A Test Fixture


HP 4145A, Semiconductor/Tube Test Equip, Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer , IC Test Sets


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Operation Manual: 4145B Operation Manual1989-04-01 Adobe Acrobat File17.5 MB

The 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer performs high speed DC characterization of semiconductor devices and materials automatically, saving you time and money. It has four programmable stimulus/measurement units capable of high resolution plus wide range sourcing and sensing (1 pA to 100 mA; 1 mV to 100 V). Other features include built-in graphics analysis functions including marker and cursor which provides direct numeric readouts and a line function for automatic calculation of line gradient and X-Y axis intercept values. For greater versatility and capabilities the HP 4145A incorporates a built-in flexible disc drive for permanent storage of user programs and measurement results.


HP 4155A

Location: Graduate Lab. Inv #

Quick Start Guide: 4155B Quick Start Guide2000-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File0.77 MB

Programmer's Guide: 4155B Programmer's Guide2000-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File2.71 MB

Sample Applications: 4155B Sample Applications Program Guide2000-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File3.22 MB

Fully-automated I-V sweep measurements with dc or pulse mode, expandable up to 6 SMUs. Synchronized stress/measure function, two high-voltage pulse generator units (±40 V). Time-domain measurement: 60µs–variable intervals, up to 10,001 points. Easy to use: knob-sweep similar to curve tracer, automatic analysis functions. Automation: built-in HP Instrument BASIC, trigger I/O capability



Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer


Tektronix 576, Semiconductor/Tube Test Equip, Curve Tracer , Curve Tracers


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The 576 Curve Tracer is a rugged high power measurement system for tests on 2- and 3-terminal discrete semiconductors. With a collector supply of up to 220 W peak, adjustable current limiting is provided in the step generator. A display area readout of test results and setup parameters decreases the chances of operator error. Voltage step ranges are up to 1500 V and current step ranges are up to 20 A peak pulse. Switchable polarity and display magnification for more accurate resolution.




Tektronix 577 Curve Tracer


Tektronix 577 Curve Tracer

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The Type 577 Transistor Curve Tracer system, when used with the 177 Standard Test Fixture (sold separately), offers a convenient method of presenting dynamic characteristic transistor curves and a wide range of other semiconductor devices. This series places special emphasis on being able to make low current measurements. Collector supply: (five modes, five ranges) 6.5 V/10 A, 25 V/2.5 A, 100 V/0.6 A, 400 V/0.15 A, 1600 V/0.04 A. Current increments: 5 nA/step to 0.2 A/step ±2%. Voltage increments: 5 mV/step to 2 V/step ±2%.


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