Broadband Oscilloscopes

Hewlett Packard HP54750A Digitizing Oscilloscope Mainframe

Location: Faraday Cage Lab.inv #

The 54750A Oscilloscope Mainframe provides up to four low-noise high bandwidth channels coupled with the best measurement feature set in the industry. The exceptionally stable time-base and 2.5GHz trigger circuits give highly repeatable and accurate results as needed by today's engineers for circuit or device characterization and modeling. The unit has a bandwidth of up to 50GHz depending on plug-in.


Hewlett Packard HP54752A Two Channel Plug-in (up to 50 GHz)


Location: Faraday Cage Lab.inv #

The 54752A Digitizing Oscilloscope Plug-in. DC to 50 GHz, 2 channels, 2.4 nm connectors, dual bandwidth which can be selected independently from mainframe, 200 ps > 200 nV designed for the 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer, and 84750A Digitizing Modular Oscilloscope Mainframe.



Tektronix 7704A Mainframe Real-Time with


Location: Graduate Lab.inv #

Real Time  


Tektronix TDS3014 Four Channel Colour Scope



User Manual: TDS3014 User Manual 1995-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File1.37 MB

Programmer's Manual: TDS3014 Programmers Manual 1995-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File1.29 MB

FFT Module Application Manual: TDS3014 FFT Application Module Manual 1995-01-01 Adobe Acrobat File0.11 MB

Real Time  


Tektronix 7603


Location: Quantity: 1

Tek 7603 


Tektronix 2465 (300 MHz)


Location: Quantity: 1

Tek 2465 


Tektronix 7B15 Delaying Time Base (1 GHz)


Location: Quantity: 1

tek 7b15 


Tektronix 7B10 Delaying Time Base (1 GHz)


Location: Quantity: 1

tek 7b10 


Tektronix 7A29 Amplifier (1 GHz)


Location: Quantity: 2

tek 7a29 


HP54120A Digitizing Oscilloscope mainframe


Location: Quantity: 1

Getting Started Guide: 54120B Getting Started Guide 1990-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File2.39 MB

Service Manual: 54120B Service Manual 1989-07-01 Adobe Acrobat File12.5 MB

hp 54120a 


HP54512B Digitizing Oscilloscope (300 MHz)


Location: Quantity: 1

Panel Reference: 54512B Front-Panel Reference 1992-05-01 Adobe Acrobat File11.8 MB

Programming Reference: 54512B Programming Reference 1992-05-01 Adobe Acrobat File5.61 MB

hp 54512b 


HP54750A Digitizing Oscilloscope (No Plug-In)


Location: Quantity: 1

hp 54750 


HP1652B D.S.O. with 80 Channel Logic Ana. (100 MHz)


Location: Quantity: 4

Programming Reference: 1652B Programming Reference 1989-12-01 Adobe Acrobat File5.86 MB

hp 1652b 


Tektronix 2400 Scope


Location: Graduate Lab

The 2440 is a 2 Channel, 300 MHz, Digital Oscilloscope. It combines high bandwidth and sampling rates with powerful automation features and waveform processing capabilities. Measurement accuracy is 8-bits vertical (11-bits with averaging. The 2440 features auto setup, auto pass/fail testing, auto sequencing, and auto measurement of 21 different waveform parameters. Measurements are available on-screen or can be exported via an IEEE488 gpib port to a printer or plotter.

Data Sheet: TEKTRONIX 2440 data sheet / specifications Download TEKTRONIX 2440 Datasheet
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