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HP 432A Power Meter with Thermistor Mount (50 Mhz to 12 GHz).


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High accuracy over a wide temperature range is featured on the 432A Power Meter. By measuring the output voltage of the thermistor bridges and computing the corresponding power, even higher accuracy of ±0.2%, ±0.5 ”W can be obtained. Accuracy can be maintained on even the most sensitive range because the error due to thermoelectric effect is reduced to a negligible level. The unit is an automatic, self-balancing power meter for use with temperature-compensated thermistor sensor. •Power Range: 7 Ranges with full-scale readings of 10, 30, 100, and 300 ”W, 1, 3, and 10 mW •Calibrated in dBm (-20 dBm to +10 dBm) •Requires 478A or 486-series Thermistor Mount.




HP 436A Power Meter with Two Power Heads (50 MHz to 18 GHz).


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The capability, accuracy, quality, and reliability have made the 436A Digital Power Meter one of the most widely used digital power meters throughout the industry. Versatility is provided with a frequency range of 100kHz to 18GHz at -70 dBm (100 pW) to +35 dBm (3 W), (depending on the power sensor used, sold separately). Accuracies are as follows. Watt mode: ±0.5% in ranges 1 through 4, ±1% in range 5; dBm mode: ±(0.02 dB +0.001 dB/șC) in ranges 1 through 4, ±(0.04 dB ±0.001 dB/șC) in range 5; dB (REL) mode: ±(0.02 dB ±0.001 dB/șC) in ranges 1 through 4, ±(0.04 dB ±0.001 dB/șC) in range 5. Response times (0 to 99% of reading): Range 1: <10 S, Range 2: <1 S, Ranges 3 through 5: <1 mS. Requires power sensor



HP 5342A Frequency Counter (10 Hz to 18 GHz).


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The 5342A Frequency Counter provides automatic frequency measurement to 18GHz in a highly portable package. Selectable input attenuation of 50 ohms and 1 Mohm. Two input frequency ranges: 10Hz to 500MHz & 500MHz to 18GHz. The 5342A is particularly useful in the communication field since it can tolerate an FM carrier frequency of up to 50MHz peak to peak. Because it utilizes microprocessor technology, the keyboard allows you to perform various math functions to allow for such things as IF offsets. An 11-digit display is sectionalized for easy readout to 1Hz resolution.


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