Phase Noise Measurement

Semiconductor, Communications and Microwave Laboratory



HP 3048 Phase Noise Measurement System ( Quantity 1)




Location: #


Reference Manual: 3048 Reference Manual 1989-09-01 Adobe Acrobat File9.11 MB

Operating Manual: 3048 Operating Manual 1988-07-01 Adobe Acrobat File7.70 MB

Calibration Manual: 3048 Calibration Manual 1990-06-01 Adobe Acrobat File2.41 MB

The HP 3048 is a Phase Noise Measurement System



HP 11848A Phase Noise Interface ( Quantity 1)



Location: #

Service Manual: 11848A Service Manual 1990-06-01 Adobe Acrobat File9.45 MB


The HP 11848 is a Phase Noise Interface



HP 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator ( Quantity 1)






Service Manual: 8663A Service Manual 1982-11-01 Adobe Acrobat File29.1 MB

The HP 8663A is a Synthesized Signal Generator



HP 3561 Dynamic Signal Analyzer




The HP 3561 is a Dynamic Signal Analyzer




HP 5317A Time Interval Analyzer ( Quantity 1)



Location: #


The HP 5372A is a Time Interval Analyzer


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