Fluke 8000A 3 Digital multimeter


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HP 34401A Digital multimeter


HP 34401A



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The Agilent Technologies 34401A combines accuracy, speed, measurement ease and versatility into a rugged 6 digit DMM that will serve equally well on a bench or in a system. You get 6-digit performance at a 5-digit price. In addition to dc and ac volts, dc and ac current and both 2-wire and 4-wire resistance; you also get continuity, diode test, dB and dBm, as well as other built-in measurements. Both GPIB and RS-232 interfaces are standard. Excellent accuracy, fast measurement speed, and unparalleled reliability and ruggedness make the 34401A the meter of choice world-round. And now, IntuiLink PC connectivity software is included free with the 34401A as well.
Key Features:
6 -digit resolution uncovers details missed by other DMMs
Accuracy you can count on: 0.0015% for dc, 0.06% for ac
True RMS AC volts and current
Perfect for you bench - more than a dozen functions one or two key presses away
Perfect for your system - 1000 rdgs/sec in ASCII format across GPIB
RS-232 and GPIB Standard:



September 21, 2004