Pulse / Data Generator.

HP3760A/3761A Pattern Gen./Error Detector (1 KB/s to 150 MB/s)

Data Generator

The 3760A Data Generator is a fast, versatile PRBS and WORD generator intended for both factory and field use, with many features which make it especially attractive for applications in high frequency digital communications. The generator can be manually or automatically triggered from an external clock in the frequency range 1 kHz-150 MHz.


HP3780A Pattern Generator/Error Detector (1 KB/s to 50 MB/s)

HP 3780A, Telecom / Datacom Instruments, Pattern Generator / Error Detector , Digital Transmission Testers

The 3780A Pattern Generator / Error Detector is a comprehensive error measuring set in one portable package. The instrument measures Binary Errors and Code Errors in digital transmission equipment operating at bit rates between 1 bkb/s and 50 Mb/s. Frequency offset generation and measurement are also provided at the standard bit rates used in PCM / TDM transmission.


HP 8180A 12 Channels Data Generator

HP 8180A, Digital Design Instruments, Data Generator , Logic Analyzers

This 8180A Data Generator offers comfortable data pattern editing and convenient softkey operation. It provides a 1Hz to 50MHz data rate and can be utilized with an 8182A Data Analyzer (sold separately) to make up a complete system. The 8180A comes standard with 8 NRZ (non-return-to-zero). You have two clock channels with 100 ps resolution for delay and width, 1 kbit memory/channel, and available transition times of 3.5 ns for TTL, typically 1.5 ns for ECL! Output level is quite sufficient for most applications; -2 V to +17 V into open (-2 V to +5.5 V into 50-ohms with 10 mV resolution). Fully HP-IB programmable allows for manual or automated operation. If you need more channels, add an 8181A Data Generator Extender.


HP 8131A Pulse generator (500 MHz)

HP / Agilent 8131A Pulse Generator

Service Manual: 8131A Service Manual 1990-10-01 Adobe Acrobat File21.9 MB

Operating and Programming Manual: 8131A Operating and Programming Manual 1989-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File4.46 MB

The HP 8131A delivers excellent performance to help you solve high-speed measurement problems. Quite suitable for BICMOS, ECL, and GaAs technology. Transition times of less than 200 pS enable repeatable and reliable timing measurements on high speed digital circuits. With the 8131A you can characterize components and circuits with repetition rates up to 500 MHz (to 1 GHz in Transducer Mode). The clean and sharp edges offered by this generator minimize errors due to threshold uncertainties. Features 10 pS timing resolution; 5 V amplitude and 10 mV resolution


HP 80000 Data Generator System with (Up to 1 GHz)

Plug-In HP E2903A Data module


1 Gbit/s, RZ/NRZ

Multiplexing up to 2 Gbit/s

Memory: 128 kb (E2902A/3A 16 kb) segmentable for preamble // Prbs, zero substitution and variable mark density patterns // "Staggered" prbs for MUX error rate tests.

Delay range 2 ns, 2 ps resolution

Output: 3 Vpp (E2902A/3A 2.5 V pp)

Output window: -2 to +3 V (into 50-Ohm to ground) // -2 to +1 V (into 50-Ohm to -2V)



PH 5770 Philips Pulse Generator



HP 16500C with option 16555D


Location: Undergraduate Lab.inv #


User's Reference: 16500B User's Reference 1994-04-01 Adobe Acrobat File1.65 MB

User's Guide: 16500B User's Guide 1994-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File1.50 MB

Programmer's Guide: 16500B Programmer's Guide 1994-04-01 Adobe Acrobat File2.05 MB

The 16500C Logic Analyzer Mainframe can be configured for a wide range of measurement tasks, including microprocessor debug with source-code referencing, timing verification and debug, software performance analysis, and characterization. Together with the 16501A Expander Frame (not included), it houses up to 10 type 16500 series measurement modules (not included). The unit has a color touchscreen, and is designed for use with a keyboard or mouse driven user interface. Menus can be remotely viewed and controlled from a PC or workstation.



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