Frequency counter

HP 5342A Frequency Counter (10 Hz to 18 GHz)

HP 5342A/001/004/011, Elec Counters & Freq Stds, Frequency Counter , Microwave Counters

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Operating and Service Manual: 5342A Operating and Service Manual 1979-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File24.5 MB

The 5342A Frequency Counter provides automatic frequency measurement to 18GHz in a highly portable package. Selectable input attenuation of 50 ohms and 1 Mohm. Two input frequency ranges: 10Hz to 500MHz & 500MHz to 18GHz. The 5342A is particularly useful in the communication field since it can tolerate an FM carrier frequency of up to 50MHz peak to peak. Because it utilizes microprocessor technology, the keyboard allows you to perform various math functions to allow for such things as IF offsets. An 11-digit display is sectionalized for easy readout to 1Hz resolution.


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