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Agilent E 8403A





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User Manual: E8401A, E8403A User and Service Manual This manual contains information about setup, applications, and command reference. 1998-05-01 Adobe Acrobat File8.92 MB

Data Sheet: E8401A/03A/04A Datasheet, 779 KB 2001-09-01 Adobe Acrobat File761 KB

Application Note: Optimizing System Design for Rapid Development, Fast Execution and Re-use 2004-01-27 Adobe Acrobat File593 KB


The Agilent E8403A C-size, 13-slot VXI mainframe provides a balance of high-power and reasonable cost. It delivers innovative cooling technology, improved backplane design, high reliability, easy maintenance, and versatile accessories. The power supply in the E8403A mainframe provides 1000 watts of usable power, sufficient for the most demanding automated test applications. The innovative air distribution system provides extremely quiet and efficient cooling. Basic mainframe monitoring of the E8403A indicates normal operating conditions at a glance. A front panel diagnostics connector allows continuous local or remote system monitoring. This mainframe also complies with the VXI Specification by providing injector surface rails used by the Agilent QUIC easy module and extraction system. Superior cooling, reliable design, and system monitoring make the E8403A an excellent choice for all VXI test system applications:



Agilent E 8491B 1394 controller




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Data Sheet: E8491B Data Sheet, 708KB 2001-06-01 Adobe Acrobat File555 KB

Application Note: Optimizing System Design for Rapid Development, Fast Execution and Re-use 2004-01-27 Adobe Acrobat File593 KB

User Guide: E8491B Configuration and User's Guide The IEEE 1394 Serial Bus (FireWire) is a high-speed bus that has been implemented as an I/O interface between external PCs and Agilent VXI systems.. 1999-06-01 Adobe Acrobat File918 KB



The Agilent E8491B IEEE-1394 PC Link to VXI is a C-size, 1-slot, message-based VXI module, providing a direct connection from your PC to a VXI mainframe via the industry standard IEEE-1394 bus (FireWire). The E8491B is a cost-effective choice for test applications when used with the E84XX mainframe series. The E8491B is well suited for data acquisition applications moving large blocks of data.

The E8491B is a high-speed C-size device with Resource Manager and Slot 0 capability. Its logical address is 0, therefore it is always the mainframe's Resource Manager and is typically installed in mainframe Slot 0. The high speed is accomplished, in part, through the use of small signals (200 mV) that are transmitted differentially over the twisted-pair wire set with controlled-impedance characteristics. The differential signal provides high-noise immunity.

The E8491B includes a C-size VXI Slot 0 module and a 4.5-meter cable. Ease of configuration is achieved with automatic recognition of a new IEEE-1394-based device without powering down the PC, known as "hot plug-in."

The E8491B Option 001 is an OHCI-based IEEE-1394/PCI host adapter card. It is a PC plug-in card capable of transferring data at up to 400 Mbits/second. This card requires connection to the PC 12V disk drive power bus (not available on some industrial PC models) via a supplied cable. The card has three external 1394 ports. If required, the OHCI-based IEEE-1394/PCI card can supply 12 V at up to 1.5 A for IEEE-1394 devices that require power.




Agilent E 4805A



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Data Sheet: Technical Data Sheet                  1996-06-01 Adobe Acrobat File505 KB

Data Sheet: Product Overview                        1996-02-01 Adobe Acrobat File154 KB

Configuration Guide: Configuration Guide      2000-09-01 Adobe Acrobat File74 KB


Data Sheet: 81250 Product Overview Product overview for the 81250 ParBERT. 2004-07-26 Adobe Acrobat File1.66 MB


The Agilent E4805B central clock module includes a PLL (Phase-Locked-Loop) frequency generator to provide a system clock for the Agilent 81200 data generator/analyzer platform or the Agilent 81250 Parallel Bit Error Ratio Tester (ParBERT).

Depending on the frequency chosen the data module can be clocked at a ratio of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 times higher or lower than the system clock.





Agilent E 4841A



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81200 Configuration Guide                                       2004-04-26Adobe Acrobat File676.0 KB

Agilent 81200 Technical Specifications                    2004-04-26Adobe Acrobat File2.36 MB

81200 Data Sheet                                                      2002-01-18Adobe Acrobat File1.34 MB

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