Laboratory Safety


Introduction to safety for engineering students:


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In case of Emergency, an excerpt:


Call 4444 or 520-4444 from any payphone on campus.


Dialing either 911 (or 9911) or 4444 in the event of an emergency will allow Safety Officers to pinpoint the exact location of an emergency call, including building and room location.


Specifically for students in the Department of Electronics:


The Carleton University Laboratory Health and Safety Manual which is required reading for all laboratory supervisors, researchers, staff, and students working in research and teaching laboratories at Carleton University:



Additional considerations:



                     Location of WHMIS, MSDS sheets (especially for soldering)

                     Electrical Code

                     CPR/First Aid trained individuals

                     Mobile phone emergency calls to be followed up to the above umbers

                     Food and drink not allowed