John Knight, Ph.D. (Toronto)

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Course Notes

    Getting a copy of a .pdf Reader to read course notes.

ELEC 2607, Switching Circuits

    This is the beginning digital course for Electrical/Systems Engineering students at Carleton.
   The course web page for Winter 2011.  
    This page is a draft and anything on it may change before January.        Direct link to course notes

ELEC 4906,  Electrical Power Engineering ( Taught by Carl Kroop)

     Web page for Winter 2008
     The TA's, Dritan Celo's, web page from Fall 2007


97.583,  Digital Circuit Design and Synthesis

     The '583 course description told potential students what to expect as much as one page can. This was last given in the fall of 1999. 

    Problems, corrections, programs for 97.583 are found in  97.583/Notes99.html.

Bridge Camp

2003:  There will be no Bridge Camp in 2003, or 2004
2002: This Bridge Camp was sponsored by  Vittesse Reskilling Canada Inc. Details can be seen at
2001: John regrets that due to unfortunate circumstances (falling off a roof) he was unable to organize a Carleton camp.
2000: The SMC Bridge Camp was two connected two-week courses to bring recent EE graduates up to speed (well almost up to speed) in VLSI design. It was run at Carleton and McGill during June 2000.
1999: This SMC Bridge Camp is described here.

    Note:  On Jan. 1, 2002, the Strategic Microelectronics Consortium (SMC) joined the Information Technology Association of Canada to form the Strategic  Microelectronics CouncilCMC was also heavily involved in these early Camps.

Research Areas

Prof Knight graduated his last Ph.D. student in June 2009, and is not taking any more graduate students.


Digital circuits and digital architectures: in particular, the automatic design of digital circuits. This interest includes most aspects of the design, power consumption, including clocking, testing and testability, area minimization/regularization and reliability. Computer-aided design of integrated circuts: the main interest here is high-level (behavioural) synthesis from an algorithm.  A good demonstration is the "Power profiler" from Raul San Martin's thesis.  


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