Recent Theses

The name is a link to the thesis abstract, if the thesis has been completed. For theses not yet defended, the title may only be an indication of a topic or an expected topic and the abstract may be missing or incomplete. Note, these are ordered according to start date, not completion date.

Ph.D. Theses

David Berton, Broadband Circuit Design, co-sup. M. Parvizi, in progress.

Jacob Pike, Charge-Steering based Broadband Circuit Design, co-sup. M. Parvizi, in progress.

Ahmad Eldahshan, Reduced-Size Slow Wave Transmission Lines used as Integrated Inductors with Improved Performance, co-sup. R. Amaya, January 2021.

Zhe (Alex) Jiang , High Data Rate DMT SERDES Design, co-sup. N. Ben-Hamida, January 2022.

W. Che Knisely , A Tunable Composite Right Left Handed Dualband Filter in CMOS, in progress.

Kimia Taghizadeh Ansari , Analysis and Design of a Rotary Travelling-Wave Oscillator for Integration in a Microwave Phased-Array Transmitter, January 2016.

Jerry Lam , Wide-Band Frequency Synthesizer Design with Compensation for Temperature Variations and Power Supply Noise, co-sup. J. Rogers, September 2016.

Samira Bashiri , Design, Analysis and Modeling of the Effect of the Phase Detector in Digital Phase-Locked Loops, co-sup. N. Ben-Hamida, January 2016.

Ibrahim Haroun, Study and Implementation of LG-CPW Transmission Lines for the Design of V-band Si-based Transceiver Blocks co-sup. J.S. Wight, April 2010.

Nastaran Mobini, High-Speed Low-Power Implementations of Iterative Decoders main supervisor, A. Banihashemi, Not completed (instead did M.A.Sc. in SCE).

Victor Karam, Techniques for Low-Power CMOS Transmitter System Integration for Short-Range Radio-Frequency Communication, co-sup. J. Rogers, May 2008.

Peter Popplewell, Low Power RFIC Design Techniques for Self-Powered Wireless Circuits with Integrated Antennas, co-sup. J. Rogers, May 2010.

Jorge Aguirre , High-Output Voltage Swing in Silicon Broadband Distributed Amplifiers, September, 2013.

Rony Amaya , Overcoming the Limitations of Silicon MMICs, co-sup N.G. Tarr, September 2005.

Saied Hemati , Iterative Decoding in Analog VLSI , main supervisor, A. Banihashemi, August 2005.

Fred Ma , Mapping to Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Arrays Using Evolutionary Algorithms, main supervisor: J.P. Knight, January 2005.

Bill Toole , Distortion Analysis of CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits Operating in the Moderate Inversion Region and Implications for RF Applications, September 2004.

Leonard Dauphinee , A Balanced Monolithic Oscillator with Low Phase Noise Performance, main Supervisor, M.A. Copeland, May 2003.

Neric Fong, Low-Voltage Radio-Frequency CMOS Integrated Circuits in Silicon-On-Insulator, Ph.D. Thesis, co-sup. N.G. Tarr, May 2002.

John W.M. Rogers, Components for Receiver Front-Ends in SiGe Bipolar Technology, Ph.D. thesis, May 2002.

Mohsen Moussavi, Differential Bipolar Stray-Insensitive Quasi-Passive Pipelined Digital-to-Analog Conversion Ph.D. Thesis, co-sup. R. Mason, March 2001.

Norm Filiol, Sigma-Delta Modulation for FM Mobile Radio, Ph.D. Thesis, January 1998.

Calvin Plett, A Study of Continuous-Time Filters, Ph.D. Thesis, sup. M.A. Copeland, June 1991.

M.A.Sc. and M.Eng. Theses

Hazem Beshara, Discrete Multitone Modulation for VSR and MR Electrical Interconnects and Optical Links, September 2020.

Matthew Mikkelsen, Frequency Synthesizer Design, co-sup. N. Ben-Hamida, January 2021.

Jacob Pike, Charge-Steering Latches, co-sup. M. Parvizi, August 2018.

Zeynab (Sara) Adibifard, Wideband Tuanble Transmission-Line N-Path Filter on CMOS 130 nm, August, 2021.

Hasan Ayyad, Radio Frequency Circuit Design, not completed.

Nicholas (Donnie) Laughton, A Fully Integrated Distributed Active Transformer Power Amplifier with Injection Locking, May 2017.

Tom Pepler, Automated Pipelining for Clocked CMOS Logic and FPGAs, June 2016.

Rachel Katumba, A Technique for Reference Spur Eradication in Fractional-N Frequency Synthesis, initially co-supervised, completion with J. Rogers as sole supervisor, September 2016.

Michael Sawires, Fine Resolution 20 GHz DCO, September 2014.

Gabriel Patulea, Wideband Up-Converting Mixer for Digital Communications Implemented in 130nm CMOS Technology, January 2015

Anas Alakhras, Investigation of CRLH Transmission Lines for Microwave Passive Components, co-sup I. Haroun, September 2013.

Tongning Wu, Power Amplifier Design, co-sup J. Rogers, M. Li, not completed.

Richard Beare, A Highly Reconfigurable Single-Ended Low Noise Amplifier for Software Defined Radio Applications, January 2013.

Rima Khoury, Frequency Synthesizer Design, co-sup J.S. Wight, not completed.

Raleigh Smith, Tuning of the Relative Phases of a Rotary Travelling Wave Oscillator, co-sup J. Rogers, January 2015.

Bill Hudson, Radar-Inspired Systems in CMOS, co-sup J. Rogers, not completed.

Kiril Kidisyuk, Synthesizer Design, co-sup J. Rogers, May 2020.

Stefan Shopov, MMIC based Doherty Amplifiers for High-Frequency Wireless Communications, co-sup J. Rogers, R. Amaya, September 2011.

W. Che Knisely , An On-Chip Non-Resonant Ultra-Wideband Antenna in CMOS , September 2010.

Andrea Liao, Analog Correlation of Low Data Rate UWB Impulse Radio for Medical Applications , May 2011.

Kimia Taghizadeh Ansari , Techniques for Designing Broadband Amplifiers , August 2009.

Rob Klett , A Variable Gain Low Noise Amplifier for Use in an Integrated Television Tuner , co-sup J. Rogers, May 2011.

Wilson Machado , Electrostatic Discharge Protection for a 10 GHz Low Noise Amplifier , September 2013.

Jerry Lam, Power management of scavenged power wireless sensor networks, January 2010.

Saber Amini, Energy Harvesting Systems, co-sup N.G. Tarr, August 2009.

Guohui (Kobe) Situ, Si-based Stacked Inductors for Broadband Circuit Applications, co-sup J. Rogers. November 2009.

Samira Bashiri, 40-Gb/s Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS , December 2008.

Ivan Dancel, RF Circuit Design , not completed.

Gina Zhou, Sub-sampling Mixer and Digital PLL Design for Frequency Translation in a Multi-Gigahertz Receiver , co-sup, J. Rogers, July 2007.

Travis Lovitt, A Delay Cell for 40Gb/s Feed-Forward Equalization , co-sup. J. Rogers, January 2007.

Xiaoning Li, Design Automation and Layout Optimization of Analog Decoders, main supervisor A. Banihashemi, January 2007.

James Chiu, A Fully Differential CMOS Charge Pump and VCO at High Frequency , September 2005.

John Danson, Applications for MEMs Capacitive Switches in RF Amplifiers , co-sup. N. Tait, January 2005.

Victor Karam, RF Mixed Signal Design and Layout Synthesis with Object-Oriented C++ for Nanometre SOI CMOS,, co-sup. N. Fong, December 2004.

Paul Laferriere, DC-Offset Mitigation of Direct-Conversion Receivers,, co-sup. J.W.M. Rogers, September 2004.

Peter Popplewell, Using Oscillator Gain and Injection-Locking to Measure On-Chip Inductor Coupling , August 2004.

Mark Thompson, Linearization of Power Amplifiers, January 2004.

Jorge Aguirre, A Distributed Amplifier Employing Constant-k and m-Derived Sections, April 2003.

Malcolm Stewart, A 20-GHz Bipolar Varactor-Tuned VCO using Switched Capacitors to Add Tuning Range, January 2003.

Sundus Kubba, Design and Phase Noise Analysis of CMOS Differential and Quadrature VCOs, M.A.Sc. Thesis, June 2002.

Justin Fortier, Sigma-Delta Conversion Circuits for CMOS Imagers, co-sup. N.G. Tarr, May 2002.

Michel Beshara, Design Considerations for High Speed Clock and Data Recovery Circuits, April 2002.

Yanjie Wang, Tunable, Linear, Gm-C Filters, M.A.Sc. Thesis, May 2002.

Rony Amaya, Contact Resistance Reduction in AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors, M.A.Sc. Thesis, co-sup. N.G. Tarr, December 2001.

Brian Robar, An FM Receiver Architecture for Dual-Mode/Multi-Mode Mobile Receivers, M.Eng. September 2000.

John Rogers, Voltage Controlled Oscillators and High Q Copper Inductors, M. Eng. Thesis, co-sup T.J. Smy, August 1999.

Roger Edwards, An Airborne Direction Finder for GPS Interference Sources, M. Eng. Thesis, co-sup J.S. Wight, February 1999.

Shannon Wang, Characterization and Digital Correction of Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma Converters, M. Eng. Thesis, co-sup. R. Mason, December 1999.

Shijun Yang, Smart Receiver Using Baseband Digital Signal Processing, M. Eng. Thesis, June 1999.

George Khoury, Tunable, High-Q LC Integrated Filters, M. Eng. Thesis, September 1995.

Matt Maguire, A Monolithic Inductor Based 1.8 GHz Oscillator in BiCMOS, M. Eng. Thesis, January 1995.

Walt Bax, A S-D Frequency Discriminator Based Synthesizer, M. Eng. Thesis, December 1994.

Norm Filiol, An Interpolated Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver, M. Eng. Thesis, October 1994.

Calvin Plett, Continuous Time Filters Using Open Loop Tunable Transconductance Amplifiers, M. Eng Thesis, August, 1986