Telecommunication Circuits ELEC 4505

2017 Course Outline

Course Outline 2017 (pdf)

General Handout (pdf)

Lectures: SA 403
Times Tue, Thur 11:35-12:55,
Labs: ME4135 Odd Weeks, Tue 14:30-17:30, Fri 14:30-17:30,

Schedule 2017 (pdf)

TAs, and Office Hours:

Office Hours for Prof. Plett

Course Material

All course material, outline, schedule, course notes, labs, assignments, and examples of past exams will be found on cuLearn.

Last year it was possible to purchase ELEC 4505 Course Packs through the IEEE Carleton Student Branch. If students are interested in having a hardcopy of the course notes, labs, assignments, past exams, we can repeat this for 2017.