Barry Syrett, Ph.D. (Alberta)


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    Research Interests

    Optical switches in InP; Silicon-based integrated optics; Modeling of devices for monolithic microwave integrated circuits; Linearization circuit techniques for wireless applications;

    Research Programs

    Investigator of research program "High Speed Reconfigurable Optical Router and its Application to Optical Packet Switching in IP Networks" funded by NCIT (National Capital Institute for Teleccommunications).

    Collaborative research programs with National Research Council Institute for Information Technology (NRC-ITT) , Northern Telecom Technology (Nortel Technology), Motorola

    Publications (1998-2005)

    "Optical Switching in InGaAsP Waveguides Using Localized Index Gradients",
    S. Abdalla, P. Barrios, A. Delage, I Golub, S. Janz, R. McKinnon, P.Poole, D. Celo, S. El-Mougy, S. Ng. T. Smy, B. Syrett, JVSTc, 2004.

    "Carrier-Injection Based Digital Optical Switch with Reconfigurable Output Waveguide Arms",
    S. Abdalla, S. Ng, P. Barrios, D. Celo, A. Delage, S. El-Mougy, I. Golub, J. J. He, S. Janz, R. McKinnon, P. Poole, S. Raymond, T. Smy, B. Syrett, I.E.E.E. Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.16, pp1038-1040, April 2004.

    "Simple and Accurate Technique for Extracting the Parasitic Resistance of the Dual-Gate GaAs MESFET",
    M. Ibrahim, B. Syrett, and J. Bennett, I.E.E.E. Microwave and Wireless Component Letters, Vol. 12, No. 8, pp 284-286, August 2002.

    "1x16 Amplifier Array and Hybrid Integration with an 8x8 p-i-n Photodiode Array for Parallel Optical Inmtreconnects",
    R.P. MacDonald, S.A. Boothroyd, P. Myslinski, R. Misner, B.A. Syrett, and T. Kurokawa, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp 11-15, January 5, 2001

    "A Comprehensive Design Method for Dual-Gate MOSFET Mixers",
    A.J. Bergsma and B.A. Syrett, I.E.E.E. Trans. Circuits and Systems II, Vol. 47, No. 12, pp 1443-1451, December, 2000

    "MSM Photodetector Fabricated on Polycrystalline Silicon",
    R.P. MacDonald, N.G. Tarr. B.A. Syrett, A. Boothroyd, J. Chrostowski, I.E.E.E. Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp 108-110, January , 1999

    Conference Papers (1998-2005)

    "Improved Digital Optical Switching Using Carrier Injection Induced Reconfigurable Wabeguides",
    S.Ng, S. Abdalla, B. Syrett, P. Barrios, A. Delage, I Golub, J.J. He, S. Janz, W.R. Mckinnon, P.Poole, 2004 Integrated Photoincs Reserach Topical Meeting , San Fransisco, California, July 1 2004 Paper IThE6

    "A New Small-Sigmnal Model of the Dual-Gate GaAs MESFET",
    M. Ibrahim, B.A. Syrett, J. Bennett, Proc. 15th I.E.E.E. Conf. on Microelectronics (ICM2003)c, Cairo, Egypt, Dec 9-11, 2003 pp 260-263.

    "Optical Switching in InGaAsP Waveguides USing Localized Index Gradients"'
    S. Abdalla, P.Barrios, A. Delage, I. Golub, S. Janz, R. McKinnon, P. Poole, D. Celo, S. El-Mougy, S. Ng, T. Smy, B. Syrett, Proc. 11th Canadian Semiconductor technology Conf., 2003.

    "InGaAsP Digital Optical Switch on InP"
    P. Barrios, P. Poole, M. Buchanan, P. Chow-Chong, I. Golub, C. Lacelle, B. Syrett, S. Abdalla, S. El-Mougy, Photonics North, Quebec City, Canada, June 2-6, 2002.

    " A New Analytical Small-Signal Model of the Dual-Gate GaAs MESFET",
    M. Ibrahim, B. Syrett, and J. Bennett, 2001 I.E.E.E. MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, Phoenix, USA, pp 1277-1280, May 2001.

    "Modelling of Current Lag Effects in GaAs ICs" ,
    W.R. Curtice, J.H. Bennett, D. Suda, B. Syrett, 1998 I.E.E.E. MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, Baltimore, USA, pp 603-606, June 7-12, 1998

    Graduated Theses Supervised and Co-Supervised (1990-2005)

    Nguyen van Hoang, "Linearization Studies for Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers in SiGe Technology for Wireless Infarstructiure Applications"
    M.A.Sc., January 2004.

    S. El-Mougy, " Experimantal Study of a Novel Digital Optical Switch"
    M.A.Sc., May 2003.

    M. Ibrahim, "Modelling of the Dual-Gate MESFET"
    Ph.D. March 2003 (employed by Egyptian Military College)

    R. McDonald, "Components for a Low-Cost Integrated Silicon Optical Receiver"
    Ph.D., January 2002. ( employed by Nortel Networks)

    A.J. Bergsma, "A Comprehensive Design Method for Dual Gate MOSFET Mixers"
    M.Eng., May 1998 ( employed by Nortel Wireless)

    M. Julien, "Bipolar Transistor Modelling from A Power Amplifier Designer's Perspective"
    M.Eng., April 1997 ( employed by Nortel Wireless)

    C. Reimer ,"Inter-Die Optical Interconnect Using Micromachined Holographic Lens Plates"
    M.Eng., October 1996.

    M. Frechette, "LNA and Mixer Design Study for 900MHz Receiver Applications"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1996 ( employed by Texas Instruments, Dallas)

    J. Nisbet, "Ultralinear Wideband Integrated Circuit Design"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1993 ( employed by Nortel, Ottawa)

    G.P.Cheney, "All-Optical Gain Switching of Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifiers"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1992 ( employed by Computing Devices of Canada, Ottawa)

    T. Varelas, "A Monolithic BiCMOS Power Amplifier for Low-Power Digital Radio Transmitter"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1992 ( employed by Nortel, Ottawa)

    N. Peereboom, "Optical Two-Wave Mixing in Iron-Doped Indium Phosphide"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1992 ( employed by Canadian Astronautics Limited, Ottawa)

    K.L. Pang, "Characterization and Modelling of Connectors for High-Speed Signals"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1991 ( employed by Nortel, Ottawa)

    H. Do Ky, "Fabrication and Characterization of Microwave Thin-Film MIM Capacitors"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1991 ( employed by Communications Research Centre, Ottawa)

    G. Rabjohn, "Monolithic Microwave Transformers"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1991 ( employed by Nortel, Ottawa)

    L. Chan, "Optical Interconnections using Computer-Generated Holographic Optical Elements"
    M.Eng. Thesis, 1991 ( employed by Canarie, Ottawa)

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