Project for 2020-21

Design of Avionics and Electrical Power Systems for a new VTOL aircraft.


Supervisor: Prof. Steele


This project is working with faculty and students in the Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE).


The project will be the design of a new aircraft. Students from the Dept. of Electronics will be helping with the design of the electrical systems on the aircraft, including sensors, control, communications, other avionics systems and electrical power.

The small aircraft is to be designed for vertical take off and landing with a small payload for example, 1 pilot, 4 passengers and 100 kg of baggage, or 1 pilot, 1 air ambulance stretcher, 1 paramedic and 100kg of equipment and be able to operate in typical Canadian weather. As well it is to be able to land in an unprepared landing field and be able to land autonomously in low visibility conditions.

More detailed requirements and specification will be given. This design project is likely to be a design competition open to other Canadian engineering schools.

As mentioned students will be working with MAE students and instructors (along with Prof. Steele) and will most likely follow Dept of MAE project deliverables and assessment. This will be a larger group project with sub-groups and each student having areas of responsibility. As there will be no lab access the project is focused on design and simulation work.


For further information contact Prof. Steele at