EACJ 5007 (Topics in Electronics II) Introduction to Engineering Education Research 

Instructor: Prof. Alan Steele  alan.steele@carleton.ca, Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University.


Engineering education is a growing area of research. Professional societies related to this area include the American Society of Engineering Education and the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA-ACEG).  Related journals include the Journal of Engineering Education and the IEEE Transaction in Education. The research field’s focus is on the study and understanding of the learning about engineering and engineering practice, with particular focus (but not restricted to) the education of engineering students in universities. Areas of focus include: approaches to teaching and learning, course curricula, laboratories, design, educational objectives and challenges, such as equity diversity and inclusion. Besides engineering the discipline brings in research from the fields of education, educational psychology and social sciences.

In this course the overall aim is to introduce engineering graduate students to this field and to help them learn about the basic principles of some of the topics areas studied. It will be of interest to anyone who is interested in being an engineering educator, teacher, instructor, manager or anyone interested in seeing how engineering knowledge and learning can be transferred and expanded. It will also help with teaching assistant duties.

The approach to learning will include, lectures, seminars, discussions and small project. In Fall 2021 it will be online only, including synchronous sessions. Assessment is through assignments and a mini-project. The link to the course outline is below.

Course Outline
(Version 1.2) This outline is can also be found on the course BrightSpace site and it is there where there may be updates.