Carleton University  

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Department of Electronics 

Alan Steele

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Salford)

Photograph of A. Steele


Professional Experience
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University, 2008-2010.
  • First Year Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Design, 2007-2008.
  • Associate Chair, Dept of Electronics, Carleton University, 2005-2008.
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University. 2002 to date . Tenure 2005.
  • Manager of Optical Simulation Development and Optical Analysis, Nortel Networks.
  • Manager of Optical Simulation Development, Nortel Networks.
  • Optical Application Designer, Nortel Networks.
  • Senior Lecturer. Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Lecturer. Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Lecturer. Dept. of Mathematics and Physics, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Research Assistant. Dept. of Pure and Applied Physics, University of Salford, UK.
  • Assistant Quality Engineer. Quality Engineering Dept., Optical Fibres, UK.
  • Student Engineer. Technical Test Dept., STC Optical Fibre Unit, UK.

  • PhD "Modelling of Narrow Pulse Generation and Shaping". University of Salford, UK. 1993
  • BSc(Hons) Applied Physics and Electronics. University of Salford, UK. 1987

  • Teaching Achievement Award Grant, Developing web based materials for course ELEC 2501, Circuits and Signals. 2007
  • CFI, OIT and matching funds Computer facilities for research in design automation algorithms in optoelectronic and high-speed systems. Awarded Jointly with Prof. P. Gunupudi, 2004
  • NSERC Discovery Grant Optical switching and processing in optical fibre based devices Awarded 2003.

Professional Associations
  • Founding member of Canadian Engineering Education Association. 2010
  • Member of Professional Engineers Ontario. 2006
  • Member of the IEEE Laser and Electro-Optic Society. 1998
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 1998
  • Member of Institute of Physics and Chartered Physicist. 1993
  • Judge at Western Engineering Conference and Competition, Vancouver, 2001.
  • Local organizing committee member of QE-14, UK National Quantum Electronics Conference held in Manchester, UK, Sept. 1999.
  • Chair of Optical Network Technology session of 4th Communications Networks Symposium, Manchester, UK, July 1997.

  • Provost Teaching Fellowship, Carleton University 2011
  • Teaching Achievement Award, Carleton University 2007

Research Interests
  • Nonlinear fibre optics
  • Optical bistability and instabilities
  • Chaos synchronization and secure communications
  • Fibre gratings
  • Optical fibre lasers
  • Simulation of optical systems
  • Engineering education

  • Dr Steve Lynch, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Selected Publications
  • Web based support material for a traditional lecture and laboratory based course, A.L. Steele, McGraw Hill Ryerson Teaching an Learning Conference, UOIT, Oshawa, Canada 2009.
  • Nonlinear dynamics of a passively mode-locked fiber laser containing a long-period fiber grating, A.S. Karar, A.L. Steele and T. Smy, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 44, pp254-261, 2008.
  • A tunable nonlinear optical loop miror with feedback using highly birefringent fiber in the loop, C.A. Merchant and A.L. Steele, Optics Communication, 258, pp228-294, 2006
  • Optical bistability, instabilities and power limiting behaviour from a dual nonlinear optical fibre loop mirror resonator, A.L. Steele, Optics Communication, 236, pp209-218, 2004
  • Resonance conditions of long-period gratings in temperature sensitive polymer ring optical fibers, C.G.Atherton, A.L.Steele and J.E.Hoad, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol 12, No. 1, pp 65-67, 2000.
  • Controlling Chaos in Nonlinear Optical Resonators, S. Lynch and A.L. Steele, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 11, pp 721-728, 2000.
  • Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Optical Resonators, S. Lynch, A.L. Steele & J.E. Hoad, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 9, pp 345-356, 1998
  • Efficient Wavelength Selective Soliton Switching using Fibre Gratings in Single and Cascaded Nonlinear Optical Fibre Loop Mirrors, J-P.  Hemingway and A.L. Steele, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 3, pp l246-1253, 1997.
  • Correction and Comment on Dynamic Behaviour of Reflection Optical Bistability in a Nonlinear Fiber Ring Resonator, K. Ogusu, A.L. Steele, S. Lynch and J.E. Hoad,IEEE J. of Quantum Electronics, 33, pp 2l28-2129, 1997.
  • Analysis of Optical Instabilities and Bistability in a Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror with Feedback, A.L. Steele, S. Lynch & J.E. Hoad, Optics Communications, 137, pp l36-142, 1997.
  • Vision Underwater, A.L. Steele, Physics Education, 32, pp 387-392, Nov. 1997.
  • Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror Constructed from Dispersion Decreasing Fibre, A.L. Steele and J-P. Hemingway,Optics Communications, 123, pp 487-491, 1996.
  • Modules of Environmental Physics in Undergraduate Physics courses at the Manchester Metropolitan University, G. Ratcliffe and A.L. Steele,  Institute of Physics 'Environmental Issues in Physics Education' Conference, 29-31 March 1994.
  • Pulse Compression by an Optical Fibre Loop Mirror Constructed from Two Different Fibres, A.L. Steele, Electronics Letters, 29, pp l972-1974, 1993.
  • Computational Study of a Coupled-Cavity Colour-Centre Laser, A.D. Boardman, A.L. Steele, M. Wilkins, X. Zhu & W. Sibbett,Pure & Applied Optics, 2, pp 277-298, 1993.
  • Numerical Modelling of Coupled-Cavity Mode-Locking of Colour Centre Lasers, A.D. Boardman, A. Steele, M. Wilkins, X. Zhu and W. Sibbett. 'Lasers: Physics and Applications' Ed. P. Atanasov, World Scientific, 1991.


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