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Assistant Professor
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Real-time embedded systems, sensor-fusion, signal processing, estimation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Multi-sensors integrated navigation, guidance, and control. Collaborative navigation, Wireless positioning, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Inertial Sensors (INS), Simultaneous localization and mapping. Attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS). Vision/Radar/LiDAR-aided navigation, localization and mapping.


Self-driving cars, unmanned systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Location-Based Services (LBS), mobile robots, intelligent machines, remote sensing, machine control, mapping/surveying, intelligent transportation systems, sensors systems for health, wellness, and medical applications.


Associate Editor, IET Electronic Letters Journal.
Session Chair, International Systems Conference, Ottawa, Canada (IEEE SysCON 2014).
Member, Institute of Navigation (ION).
TPC Member, 2017 IEEE 85th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2017)
TPC Member, IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE 2016)

Book Chapters

M.M.Atia, “Location Estimation in Modern Mobile Computing Environments”, Horizons in Computer Science Research. Vol. 9, pp: 73-140, 2014.

Selected Journal Publications

M.M. Atia; S. Liu, H. Nematallah, T.Karamat, A.Noureldin “Integrated Indoor Navigation System for Ground Vehicles with Automatic 3D Alignment and Position Initialization”, IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 64, no.4 , pp: 1279 – 1292, 2015.
S. Liu, M.M. Atia, Y. Gao, A.Noureldin, “Adaptive Covariance Estimation Method for LiDAR-aided Multi-sensor Integrated Navigation Systems”, Journal of Micromachines, Vol. 6, pp: 196-215, 2015
M.M. Atia, T.Karamat, A. Noureldin, “An Enhanced 3D Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System for Land-Vehicles”, Journal of Navigation, Vol. 67, no. 4, pp: 651-671, 2014.
M.M. Atia, M. Korenberg, A. Noureldin, “Dynamic Online-Calibrated Radio Maps for Indoor Positioning In Wireless Local Area Networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing”, Vol. 12, no. 9, pp: 1774 – 1787, 2013
Selected Conference Publications
J. Xia, U. Iqbal, M.M.Atia, F. Sun, A. Noureldin "Adaptive Square-Root Cubature KF based SLAM Algorithm for Indoor Unmanned Ground Vehicles", IEEE/ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS 2016), Savannah, Georgia, United States, April, 2016.
B. Amer, M.M. Atia, M. Hefnawi, A. Noureldin, "An Adaptive Positioning System for Smartphones in ZigBee Networks Using Channel Decomposition and Particle Swarm Optimization", International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation (ION ITM 2015), Dana Point, California, United States, pp: 445-454, Jan. 2015
H. Nematallah, M. Korenberg, A.Noureldin, M.M.Atia, "Enhancing Vision-Aided GNSS/INS Navigation Systems Using Nonlinear Modeling Techniques Based on Fast Orthogonal Search with Double-Filtering Mechanism", International Technical Meeting of The Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation(ION GNSS+ 2014), Tampa, Florida, United States, pp: 627-634, Sept. 2014.
M.M.Atia, A.Noureldin, and S. Givigi, "A Smart Reconfigurable Multi-sensor Multi-filter Navigation Engine with Modular Architecture Design for Plug-and-Play Navigation", The 27th International Technical Meeting of The Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2014), Tampa, Florida, United States, pp:2034-2042, Sept. 2014.


EP2503288 B1, “Methods of Attitude and Misalignment Estimation for Constraint Free Portable Navigation”, Granted 2016.

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