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DOE Undergraduate Courses


   Course #   Course Title
  ELEC 1908  First Year Project
  ELEC 2501  Circuits and Signals
  ELEC 2507  Electronics I   Course Outline
  ELEC 2607  Switching Circuits
  ELEC 3105  Basic EM and Power Engineering
  ELEC 3500  Digital Electronics
  ELEC 3508  Power Electronics
  ELEC 3509  Electronics II
  ELEC 3605  Electrical Engineering
  ELEC 3908  Physical Electronics
  ELEC 3909  Electromagnetic Waves
  ELEC 4502  Microwave Circuits
  ELEC 4503  Radio Frequency Lines and Antennas
  ELEC 4504  Avionics Systems
  ELEC 4505  Telecommunication Circuits
  ELEC 4506  CAD for Communication Circuits
  ELEC 4509  Communication Links
  ELEC 4600  Radar and Navigation
  ELEC 4601  Microprocessor Systems
  ELEC 4602  Electrical Power Engineering
  ELEC 4609  Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication
  ELEC 4700  Modeling of Integrated Devices
  ELEC 4702  Fiber Optic Communications
  ELEC 4703  Solar Cells and Applications
  ELEC 4704  Nanoscale Technology and Devices
  ELEC 4705  Electronic Materials, Devices and Transmission Media
  ELEC 4706  Digital Integrated Electronics
  ELEC 4707  Analog Integrated Electronics
  ELEC 4708  Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  ELEC 4709  Integrated Sensors
  ELEC 4906F  Special Topics Thermal Management of Electronics
  ELEC 4907  Engineering Project
  ELEC 4908  Engineering Physics Project
  SREE 3002  Energy Distribution and Efficient Utilization
  SREE 4907  Energy Engineering Project

 DOE Graduate Courses

  ELEC 5401  Signal Integrity in High-Speed Designs: Modeling and Analysis
  ELEC 5402  Computer Methodologies for Digital/RF Design
  ELEC 5404  Neural Networks for High-Speed/High-Frequency Circuit Design
  ELEC 5405  Advanced Linear and Nonlinear Circuit Theory and Applications
  ELEC 5409  Microwave and Millimeterwave Integrated Circuits
  ELEC 5503  Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
  ELEC 5508  Computer Methods for Analysis and Design of VLSI and Communication
  ELEC 5509  Integrated Circuit Technology
  ELEC 5606  Phase-Locked Loops and Rec. Sync
  ELEC 5607  Antennas and Arrays
  ELEC 5703  Nanoscale Technology and Devices
  ELEC 5705  RF Systems Design
  ELEC 5707  Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS
  ELEC 5708  ASIC for Telecommunications
  ELEC 5709  Adv. Topics in Electromagnetic
  ELEC 5801  High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI
  ELEC 5804  VLSI Design
  ELEC 5808  Signal Processing Electronics
  ELEC 5809  Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

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